The Second Future Leader Debate

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The Second Future Leader Debate

Post by Darkel on Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:56 pm

Ok, so here's the second thread. I know it may have been easier to just keep using the first one, but I'd like to keep things a bit organized and allow everyone to start fresh every so often--plus I like to give this a good political feeling lol. So basically, here's the rules:

1. Nobody but me, Vipera, and Whoster can post here. You can comment and chat about the debate in other related threads.

2. Candidates cannot speak about the polls or how far they have gotten in the election (mainly to solve people from getting cocky about the elections, although I trust that I wouldn't have needed to type this anyways and am wasting my time with this rule)

3. I will moderate the discussion and choose topics.

4. Candidates will not insult or harass each other or speak any words against each other.

5. Keep posts organized and on-topic, I'll get around to all topics eventually. For any topic requests please post them in the mod HQ, for any requests from any ordinary members please PM me.

6. All forum guidelines apply


Alright, so upon request of Whoster we will start this debate with chatbox issues.

> Chatbox issues: how would you solve them?

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Re: The Second Future Leader Debate

Post by Whos on Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:17 pm

Well, Dark, since the chatbox can encompass a large quantity of issues, I'll list several and give my answers to them.

Spam: Spam is an issue that, in some circumstances, can be overlooked. Text spam occurs randomly and is usually done for no reason at all. This is not particularly annoying, atleast not to me. If it is extremely annoying to a certain person in the chat, I will ask the spammer to please stop, if he does not comply after three warnings, he will be given a short suspension.

Smily spam, however, is VERY annoying and totally pointless. It becomes tiresome very quickly. After only two warnings a chatter who does not comply with the request that he stop will recieve a suspension.

Flamebaiting: I will not stand for it. Flamebaiting is something highly untolerable, and must be dealt with quickly to keep it from reappearing. I would explain to the flamebaiter that his actions are quickly becoming a nuisance, and if he does not stop after 1 warning, will be given a lengthy suspension. I will also do my best to make sure the flamebaitees do not respond to the flamebaiters.

General insults: These things we have very rarely in the box, but even so must be dealt with in the proper way. Especially when insults are being thrown at someone's empire, as a direct violation of the respect policy. I will make sure the person stops the insults, and if he doesn't after one warning, will be shortly dispatched with a suspension.

Cussing in the box: I will not allow any major swear words, or even minor rude words unless they are properly censored, such as "@$$" but again, cussing in the box will not be tolerated. I will gladly hand out suspensions to those who feel they can freely be profane in the box.

It might seem that I resort to suspensions more than is needed, but they are, along with warnings, one of the most effective tools in moderating the chatbox, simple as that.

Thank you.

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