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Post by Scrylonsis13 on Fri Dec 21, 2012 12:39 pm

Rg fanfic 

This fan-fiction is based around the Aguarius covenant. It's purpose is to allow me to give them a complex culture and style. Four other races will feature but by the end, they will have changed drastically, so I haven't really bothered to create any image of them. I hope you enjoy this. So, without further ado, on with the story.

Chapter 1 - The eye of an enemy

Captain Carla Strom stood in the command bridge of the imperial Dreadnaught, Sky of Winter. She was a member of a small yet honourable race called the Cameel. A basic bipedal race with scaled skin and a sheep temperament. Known in this star cluster as the scratch of death, the imperial fleet was relatively impressive. Not much compared to the magnificence of their oppressors, the Aguarius, but still nice and homely. The sky of winter was the pride of the Cameel fleet and an impressive pride at that. It was slow but strong and resilient. 

Carla Strom walked to one of her technicians. They where moving through an empty area with nothing but fragments of rock and fading gas clouds. The stars beyond the void where's sight to behold. Their light danced over the metallic interior of the command bridge and gave a glimpse of the infinite majesty of the universe. No one could tame her and no one could subdue her. The universe would exist as long as she wanted to. A small frigate passed in front of the large window and light reflected off of it's smooth bodywork. It was peaceful out here. No marauding pirates. No tributes to the Aguarius covenant. No laws to abide to. This was the universe as it should be. Conflict free and pure. 

But all perfection must end. Everything must end. All the peace must be ruined and bloodied by war. No one can deny, inevitability was a cruel mistress. Carla turned from the window to one of the pilots. 
"Anything on scanners?" she asked in a calm, cool voice
"Just gas and rocks. Nothing to worry about. There's a covenant patrol passing through the florix belt so we should be careful." the pilot replied
"Alright. A few more minutes before we go back to command. I like it out here."
"If that wise?" another pilot asked "The Aguarius don't like dreadnoughts this close to the Util constellation."
"We can manage five minutes, and anyway, not even they can take down this ship." Carla smiled, she was kidding herself. In this cluster slash prison, the Aguarius did what they pleased, and had the armada to accommodate.

She sat in her chair and watched the universe tick. Her journal sat on one of the arm rests, waiting for her to fill it with tales of action and adventure. A tale that would unfold very soon. Cameel journals where strange things. A memory chip would be implanted in the brain and transmit you memories straight to the pages. It worked up to death, with no writing involved. Some said this defeated the point but others said that it was a genius idea. 

Carla watched the frigate drift in front of a star. Light danced around the outline of the smooth, diamond shaped frigate and framed it in glorious White. Carla watched as the frigate drifted to the edge of the window. What she saw next would change her life forever. The frigate ruptured into a firey explosion that lit up the vacuum. A long serpantine star-ship took its place. The ship moved through space like a sea serpant or chineese lung. It slithered through the emptiness and over the top of the Sky of Winter and encircled it. The ship was made of hundreds of sectioned disks that moved in any direction to accomidate the ships slithering. The side of the monstrosity was lined with huge vertical spikes that seemed sharp enough to cut through the strongest of metals. The end of the ship was a long pointed section and no engines where visable. The front looked like a roaring beast with a vertical mouth and three red eyes, stacked on top of each other. Along the side of the ship, between the spikes where about one hundred horizontal windows that extended to the very end of the ship. Between the windows where rows of anti fighter guns. In the middle layer of the ships body was about three hundred unmanned fighter hangers. The Ship was massive. It bore the pale blue and purple colours of an Aguarius Dreadnaught. The Covenant had found the Sky of Winter. Ships this big wherent permitted around these systems.

The Dreadnaught swirled around the Sky of winter in a massive coil, the spikes peircing the ships armour work. But they wherent just spikes. They where boarding mechanisms. Aguarian soldiers where injected right into the ship, all across its many levels and zones. A flood of Aguarius soldiers went to battle against the Cameel defenders.

Carla Strom looked at the main console, asessing the damage the dreadnaught had done. The ship was damaged in over two hundred places. She established an atmosphere shell around the ship andsent troops to all the boarding zones. Then she locked down the command bridge. The dreadnaught outside was far to powerful for the Sky of Winter. It would be a long assult though.

Three hours later

The dreadnaught and its crew had completely ransacked the Sky of Winters cargo hold and all the Aguarius had withdrawn. They wouldnt leave any evidence. Slowly, the dreadnaught began to twist. It tightened around the Sky of winter. It crushed the enemy cruiser with an impossible amount of strangth. The Dreadnaught uncoiled itself, when the Captain thought the enemy cruiser was suitable crushed. But they where wrong. The Command bridge survived. And so did the atmosphere shell. And soon, a search team would look for the Sky of Winter, and find the state it was left in.

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