The Lumeriana Empire

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The Lumeriana Empire

Post by Heartless1962 on Sat Feb 02, 2013 12:31 pm

((Basically a copy and paste of my Lumeriana form on Spore))
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Empire Name: Lumeriana
Creator: Heartless1962

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Species Name: Lumeriana/ ((Sub race to it)) Frognar

Homeworld: Akoway

Size: Small, only a handful of pure ocean worlds available in the quadrant where they are located.

Biology: One main noticeable feature that the Lumeriana have is its fin like features all over its body. Which help them move in the water relativity quickly. Another feature that is noticeable is that the Lumeriana have both lungs and gills. Making them capable of breathing both air and breathing underwater. The Lumeriana also have a sub race, the Frognar. A Frog like race which came from the same gene pool as the Lumeriana. The Frognar have the same attributes as the Lumeriana, but are bit stronger in that they can lift five times their weight.

Religion: They believe that the Sea is creator of all life. And worship it as such. There racial leader is also there religious leader, Pope Alaxtor. The military and religion currently work together and have created zealot like warriors to fight in combat for the Pope.

History: In beginning of planet Akoway, multiple cell races battled for top under its waters. The Lumeriana where nearly whipped out due to this cell war. However a great whirlpool formed and killed out the majority of the warring cells under the sea. But the Lumeriana where able to escape before the whirlpool formed and headed to island that they currently call home. Three islands were all the planet had to offer when it came to land. On the main land the Lumeriana grew as the main controller of content. While on the shores the Frognar stayed and created a successful fishing community. Both the Lumeriana and the Frognar needed each other to survive thus they united their common race and became the Lumeriana empire. Over the eons though, the Frognar occasionally wage small civil wars against its brothers and sisters over religious differences. However these were eventually calmed by new popes and leaders that help mend the confusion about the Lumeriana’s faith in the Sea. Technology also helped create a stronger bound between the Lumeriana and the Frognar. With creation of hydro manipulation, Lumeriana culture where now able to communicate and control the Sea. Priest became not just religious figures but healers in combat with this technology. Warriors and Paladins also benefited from this technology, in that they were now able to control water to help protect them in combat. And finally the Frognar became mobile cannons with this technology. Another more recent technology is their Aquatic telporters. A telporter capable of sending a small group on to an ocean planet only. Thus how the Lumeriana have control of a few ocean planets in their quadrant. The want for space travel has become wanted on all levels for the Lumeriana, but the resources are not there to create a space vesicle due to lack of land and natural materials needed to make the ship. If the chance does arise for the Lumeriana to ally itself to a noble space race, they will take it.

Culture: Lumeriana culture is very oriental based and tradition based. Majority of the men on the planet have or currently are serving in either religious or military fields. If they are in the religious field they cannot marry, they devote their life to the Sea. While the military field, men are allowed to marry and eventually devote their lives to being a civilian after time in the military. Women on the other hand cannot participate any military functions. They are allow to part take in religious activities but cannot hold high rank priest positions. However, off the military/spiritual books, there is a specialized group inside the Lumeriana government that is all female. These females are said to be most cunning and agile spies, gunners, and swordsmen that the Lumeriana government has. Only the Pope knows about this group and is the only one able to call for it in a time of need.
The Lumeriana people eat mostly fish, but have been known to eat other creatures if wanted. They wear mostly robes that are meant for each gender/sub species. And all are trained in some form of weapon combat.

Military: The Lumeriana Military though not the largest or strongest military, is perhaps one of the most cunning and noble. There military tactics of illusions help them get the surprised advantage on their enemies. Usually these illusions involve decoys, or creation of fake armies that will deceive the size of their military attack. When it comes there nobility, they allow for a fair fight when it comes to one on one combat. Though this nobility can be turned against them with alien like combat from another race. The Lumeriana only have a few styles of military, they have warriors who wield simple swords but can strike hard. They have priest capable of mending wounds with their water technology. Paladins who are able to take good deal of damage and can their protect allies with water shielding technology. Hydrocannoners are their mobile cannons, only Frognar are the only ones that can handle the weight of the two hydrocannons they have to hold. Female Lumeriana though not known by the main military, are their stealth units. These stealth units usually wield specialized aquatic tech daggers and aquatic cloaking devices which help them get the upper hand on their enemy. The Lumeriana navy is perhaps its only vehicle line of defense. Their ships are designed for harsh weather and heavy damage taking from the wild life on the seas of planet Akoway. Along with ships the Lumeriana also have subs that can dive deep into the heart of the ocean. The torpedoes on these subs are said to be able to sink a ship with only two shots. Reason why is because of the aquatic pressure torpedo’s design is made for explosions not speed. Thus its main flaw is that it does not travel fast. So counter this Lumeriana’s subs will get close to enemy ship and sink it at close range. Lumeriana’s armor is specially designed for flexibility, but at the same time design to take damage as well. Their armor is made out of a special mineral in the deepest part of the sea. Which are capable of taking some of hardest pressure without break or molding. Lumeriana’s weapons are made out current technology available to them. Though the warriors prefer wielding a normal steel blade, paladins use eel water swords which are combination of electricity and aquatic technology. The Lumeriana do not have a super weapon available to them yet. However rumor has it that they are currently making a specialized ocean bomb that can cause worldwide ocean floods.

Government: Episcopal Polity

Style: The Lumeriana style of fighting is a combination of stealth attacks and flanking. But if push came to shove, the Lumeriana will use trench warfare to fight their enemies. Their tech is only at its best near a water source. Though the Lumeriana and Frognar will take a container of water with them to use their technology, but when it runs out, they will fight in hand to hand combat.

At war with currently: The KGI

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