The Confederacy of Vathoris

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The Confederacy of Vathoris Empty The Confederacy of Vathoris

Post by Vara Lord on Tue Dec 24, 2013 9:07 pm

The Confederacy of Vathoris Qbqd

The world of Vathoris is atypical in the respect that, rather than havign a single centralized government, if rather consists of twelve distinct nations that form a confederacy. The nations are Daro, Chun, Tesmis, Hazlo, Gunthe, Romm, Xer, Ibrindamar, Lazo, Bethené, Jatt-Ki, and Cazno. Each nation has its own form of government, and each largely governs its own affairs. Matters of international nature are discussed and a decided upon by a council consisting of the Heads of State of each individual nation. The Confederacy of Vathoris is a non-imperialist power, and thus, its holdings do not extend beyond Vathoris itself.

One other feature that sets the Confederacy of Vathoris apart is the richness of the different races that dwell on the planet. Since Vathoris first became a space-fairing world, it has been colonized by various different races in lesser or greater numbers. The most abundant, and generally assumed to be original, inhabitants of Vathoris are the Vatarri. The second most abundant race are the Humdar; the rest of the population is made up of various different species that have settled on Vathoris.

Vathoris, due in large part to its racial diversity, is rich in terms of culture and technology, being a highly advanced civilization. Despite this, the planet's out of the way position and relatively low military might has resulted in it largely being overlooked by the more powerful empires. Recent events, however, have caused the world of Vathoris to rise considerably in importance.
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