Disruption (IC)

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Re: Disruption (IC)

Post by Zaroas on Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:16 pm

The bridge of the Valence was filled with a deafening, stunned silence. Everyone aside from a few technicians stood, shocked, their eyes glazing over the message over and over again. Svar whispered the message aloud in confusion as he read it once more. "Attention, crew of the CFS Valence. Under the jurisdiction of the Ryun-Wreae Federation of the United Ieegan Systems, as designated by the Ryun-Wreae Conglomerate, I command your captain, Wreae Unit 8164392, to surrender itself and its ship to the Federation immediately. Failure to comply will result in harsh consequences."

While he was the most perplexed over the message, Unsilenced Retribution himself was the first to attempt to take action. "There's no information on the Ryun-Wreae Conglomerate in the Confederacy's database..." He turned towards one of the bridge communications officials quickly, as if panicked. "Try to establish contact with the Grand Council." One of the hologram projectors lit up as they attempted to communicate with the former government of the Federation.

When no response came through, Unsilenced Retribution muttered, "The council was scheduled to contact us some time ago for a status update..." The Wreae, shaking his head, activated the COMM system and began to speak. "This is Unsilenced Retribution, Captain Unit 8164392. I operate under the command of the Federation Grand Council and the Executive Convocation of the Confederate Nations of Ravena - your authority is not recognized here. Do not attempt to communicate with the CFS Valence again." After several moments, he asked everyone on the bridge, "Do we know anything about the signal or where it came from?"

One of the Jorro'kil officers spoke up. "It originated very close to the Valence, inside the same system at the least. Despite this, we haven't been able to detect any nearby vehicles, so it's very likely that wherever this came from is a small ship using state of the art cloaking technology." The display the Jorro'kil was watching changed rapidly in the span of a few seconds, and the official's face was plastered with worry. "The hangar opened, the Valence's mass increased by a high amount, and then we lost contact with that level of the ship." The Jorro'kil stared at Unsilenced Retribution with fright in his eyes, his voice trembling. "I think whoever sent the message just boarded our vessel."


As Netheun stalked the lower levels of the Valence, stepping over the bodies of Confederate workers, made unconscious by a directed energy weapon, he became aware of alarms blaring. He was already aware that the alarm systems would also be digital in nature - AI built into the ship
security systems would be aware of his foreign presence and would do anything necessary to slowing or stopping him, such as activating breathing systems on all personnel before draining sections of the ship of air. This was not an issue for Netheun, as his ship was still in the process of hacking into the Valence. In a few short minutes, the entire vessel would be under his control.


Praedromus watched wordlessly as Mortemalo’s attack failed and the fear in the Zraak’s eyes grew continuously. By the time Kradus’ pawn was motionless, blood pouring from his body, the Vrentus Supreme had returned to where the other members of the Terminus Pact were. The other Vrentus had reverted to their sphere forms, no longer requiring the guise of the Zraak soldiers. He motioned for the Protector to approach them, simultaneously enveloping the body of Mortemalo in dark matter.

“Bring this… pawn of Kradus back with us. I would like to know more about the Eraak, and this is a perfect opportunity.” The Protector obeyed, lifting Mortemalo effortlessly and walking away, back towards the other Primes.


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Re: Disruption (IC)

Post by Vara Lord on Thu Sep 03, 2015 12:38 am

"Oh, I suppose it's all spiff and do for defense and all that," said Zizo. "Still, not much aesthetic value if you ask me. Can't even see most of the sky."

"Well," replied Admiral Lirr, "it wasn't exactly designed with artistry in mind, although I suppose one could argue that there's an artistic element in all such things."

The group that had been on the long hunt for the Continuum Corrupter had just finished a sort of out of door meal, and Zizo had taken it into his head to discuss the idea of shield worlds.

"Well, personally," he said, crossing his legs and folding his arms behind the base of his neck, "I wouldn't mind being at greater risk if I was able to see the stars at night. I say, Teg, me boy, are you going to eat that? Shame to let such food go to waste." The Andebon cast a longing look at Teglin's food, which was barely touched. The young Vatarri poked aimlessly at it, hand on chin, gazing into space. More than anyone, He had wanted the whole affair to be over. However, he found himself feeling dissatisfied with how things had gone so far. He had expected this to be a quick go-get-it-and-bring-it-back mission, but it had turned out quite differently. He barely noticed that he had even been addressed. Absentmindedly, he shoved the plate in Zizo's direction. Zizo needed no second urging, and promptly helped himself with gusto. Lirr looked at him in disbelieve. The Andebon had already put away three helpings. Or was it four?

"Where do you put it all, Zizo?" said Lirr. "I'd pop if I ate half of what you've consumed so far"

"Just keeping the old bod' together, dontcha know?' replied Zizo cheerfully.
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Re: Disruption (IC)

Post by Darkel on Thu Nov 19, 2015 8:46 pm

Five Days Following...

"Father," a deep, unnatural voice beckoned. It was Asira, shimmering in her lavender aura.

The room was as a dark void, seemingly formless and the walls made of a strange dark matter. Like clouds, but much thicker, much stranger. It was composed of the very darkness that was so familiar to the fearful child. It embodied the fears of every heart to arise in this universe. Primitus stepped down from a perch which was composed of raw black energy and eyed his creation. His limbs were like the legs of a spider, long and thin. They were sharp edged and tapped about with a certain flow that before only insects seemed to capture. In this light Primitus' face was pure white and his black eyes mirrored the atmosphere around. The ground below him was solid black glass. It was tiled, but each tile a different, random, alien shape. The cracks in between glowed bright lavender.

"My child," Primitus voiced. "What news do you bring?"

"Kradus' reincarnation was successful," Asira droned. "A large foreign specimen was seen interacting with the Jadel natives of Maful." With this, a large holographic projection emitted from Asira's glowing right eye. The image was fuzzy due to the rain in the environment, but Kradus' new form was still visible. Primitus eyed it carefully, taking it in before it faded from the air. He looked back down at her suddenly.

"Maful is rich with resources and abundant in life--adaptive life, no less. The Jadel race is resilient, as we have seen, and has lasted through a veritable Yvarkag come to life. The surface of Maful is still corroded from our previous attacks centuries ago, nevertheless when nature is not continuously repressed, it will persevere. Wildlife has sprung up once again and the Jadel we failed to slay five hundred years ago have multiplied tenfold in the dark recesses of that world and slipped back to the surface to retake their homelands." Primitus paused for a moment, his back was to Asira as he calculated his plan of action in his head. He looked over his shoulder at her.

"Kill them all."


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Re: Disruption (IC)

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