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The Arenam Collatio

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The Arenam Collatio

      The Arenam Collatio is a group of a single species known as the Nisip.The Nisip are very paranoid when it comes to aliens and are very untrustworthy of others that are not Nisip as they are. Though they will do anything to protect themselves, the Nisip are actually against war, fearing that it may bring future enslavement. Their homeworld, Teren Aspru, is mostly desert and full of sand.

The Empire only exists on two planets in one star system, though these planets are very dense in terms of population. At least a quarter of the two planets is filled with the buildings built by the Nisip.

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The Nisip species seem to have their mouth behind their single eye. Said eye has amazing vision despite there only being one. Most of their organs are stored in a large sac in the back of their body which is dragged on the ground. Thankfully, evolution has created natural armor around the sac and spikes to help protect it. The creature has two brains, one in the eye-head and one in the sac.

The one located in the eye-head is there for memories, skills, personality, reproduction, and can keep the body alive for two days if the brain in the sac is disconnected.

The one in the sac is the most important, as it keeps the body functioning. Though this brain is not 'counsious', meaning both brains must be connected for either to be fully operational. Though this has an advantage. Because the sac brain has no counsiousness, the eye-head brain can think more clearly without "breathe in, breathe out" in the background."

They reproduce without mates (Though some take on feminine and masculine roles) by severing their sacs when the time is right for that individual. The time is declared 'right' when the sac becomes slightly inflated, meaning that every organ in it has multiplied to make three, meaning three babies will be produced.

The babies will slowly grow inside the sac, protected by the shell. During this time, the parent stays near the egg, stealing a quick connection with the sac brain a few times to keep it alive until its young are born. When the babies are finished and crawl out, the sac is empty save for the sac-brain.

When the parent reconnects, it must consume more food than normal, to help with the process of regrowing most of its organs. The organs themselves behave similarly to human organs.... somewhat.

They also seem to only be able to survive in areas with sand. They are lucky that their homeworld is mostly a giant desert.

They praise the sand that covers their planets. Each individual grain is a God.

The Nisip shared sapience with another species known only as "Diavol". Meaning "Devil" in their language. The other species was harsh to the Nisip, dominating most of the planet. Nisip were forced into slavery and half of the babies produced were turned into 'elegant' meals for the Diavol.

There was a huge language gap between the Nisip and Diavol. Despite their best efforts, the Diavol could not teach the Nisip their language fully, resulting in a hybrid mix of the two that the Nisip spoke.

The Nisip grew bitter and hard during their slavery. Slowly they began to plot the downfall of the Diavol. The odds were very much against the Nisip, but they had two advantages. One: Their superior fighting style. The Nisip fight savagely, instilling fear, and internal bleeding into their enemies. Two: The Sand. Their skin matched the color of the sand, unlike their Diavol oppressors. This is the main reason why the Nisip worship the sands.

Eventually, the Diavol were exterminated, not even turned to slavery. The Nisip were now the only sapient creatures on their planet. Most buildings were destroyed, resulting in new architecural styles being used. Their buildings resembled a mix between Old Roman and Old Arabian architecture, though mostly Old Arabian.

Their time in slavery did not leave them however. They are wary of aliens and will do anything to protect themselves from possible enslavement.

Once the parent of three children recovers from the birthing process, they bring the children to an academy, losing all ownership of said children. Everyone has a job on the planet and if you are not working for an academy, then children will not be included in your life, save for giving birth.

There are six main jobs within the culture of this species: Trader, Soldier, Engineer, Teacher, Mercenary, and Suppliers. Traders are commonly found within a city's bazaar (Marketplace). Most even live within their shacks that they set up, not leaving just incase they need to make a sale at any time. Half of Nisip are soldiers, as is the majority of education in the academy. They are constantly on guard of their cities, and patrolling their star system in their ships. The engineers make all the equipment needed for anything needed! This mostly includes weapons, or spare parts.

The teacher job is one of the more difficult ones, as they must enforce strict discipline into the many children. They teach the children basic things, such as math, science, history up until they are five-years-old. Then the curriculum is switched to combat training for two years. Only combat training. The teachers observe the students for those two years and place the best future soldiers in the military section of the academy.

Those who aren't fit for the soldier course, are kicked out from the academy, and must find apprenticeship from a trader, or engineer, or someone else like that.

The children that are now within military academy are hardened and taught even more combat for ten more years. Though what they learn is much more advanced. Such as explosives training, piloting, driving, you name it. When the ten years are finished, they compete in a public arena for their future ranks. After the bloody battle, they are given a month to rest and relax, before being sent into the military machine.

For their language, it seems very similar to some human language. Sentences seem to be a mix of both Latin and Romanian words. Their species' name "Nisip" and empire name, "Arenam" both mean "sand".

Oh and all Nisip love to sing.

They rely on power in numbers for victory in battle, over advanced weaponry and such. Also meaning that their space ships are not the best and include primitive technology. In fact, the main weapon on their space ships is a giant minigun that shoots missiles. No lasers, none of that. The armor of their ships is not the best either, meaning that about five hits from a mega laser could blow it up quickly.

What they lack in technology, they make up for in combat skill, and determination. Soldiers in the military will do whatever it takes to ensure that the Nisip species remains safe. Even going to extremes such as going kamikaze. The soldiers are built with an iron will, so don't expect any interrogations to work on them.

Like I said before, the Nisip are savage fighters, using every dirty trick int he book to win.

There does not seem to be any true government. Any that has tried to rise, was quickly brought down by the masses. It seems that tradition and common interest is what keeps their society going. Any military plans are planned by high ranking soldiers in the army, though they have no power over the average Nisip citizen unless it is directly to save their lives.

This is not to say the Nisip are extremely aggressive, simply over protective. They would prefer not be involved in any wars, in fear of enslavement.

For space and land battles, they simply swarm, amassing as many troops as possible without leaving their planets defenseless. If an army is assembled, likely it will contain at least a fifth of the entire army. That is at least 10 billion individuals.
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