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Nevalrok Empire

Post by Celo on Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:25 pm

This was all made on an iPod, and autocorrect is a harsh thing so or all the typos, I'm gonna say super sorry XD

Empire Name: Nevalrok

Creator: Celo of the impossible heritage

Species Name: Neveals

Homeworld: Gevelrous

Size: The Nevalrok empire isn't very old and has only conquered two star systems.

Biology: The Neveals are humanoid in their build and are known for having a strange, soft glow emanating from different parts of them. These parts of a Neveal's body are covered in a clear skin that act as a reflector, and underneath is special tissue that's uses a series of chemical processes to create a strange, bright glow. The chemical used for this is luciferase- commonly used for bioluminescence. A Neveal's body is made with an excess supply of this substance, and so they are able to glow continuously whenever they are awake. When asleep, the light normally emanating from them goes out. This process comes with a price, however. Luciferase requires a large supply of fresh air and liquid, and so Neveals have had to adapt to be able to absorb large amounts of water and other liquids and also be able to separate hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the water to absorb air, as well. Their lights are needed for several reasons- one is to appear physically attractive to those of the opposite gender. Another is that the darkness is a fear for many Neveals as when they first began, they were at war with a species known for its ability to blend in with the darkness (if someone has a species with that ability, it's not your species- no worries). A neveal's light is also known for being a good defensive mechanisms against others, as well. By carefully using certain amounts of luciferase, neveals can make large blasts of light that can temporarily blind opponents. Because of them being constantly around light, brightness doesn't affect naveals like it would normal creatures. As for their appearance...

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Neveals have scaly skin that helps with protection from extreme changes in temperature, as such was common on their home planet. Between the scales are pores that have the ability to absorb moisture in the air. These scales are mostly made with crevicesand slight curves to help move any water that might fall on them into the pores, so the scales are not necessarily hardened to prevent any damage from sharper objects.

The height of a full-grown neveal ranges between 6 and 7 feet. Average age they live to is about 103 in human years. The average weight of a neveal is around 98 pounds.

Their hearing is not the best, so Neveals rely mostly on sight and smell. Neveals have sharp, pointed teeth and forked tongues. It is only in the back of their mouths that a Neveal's teeth are flat and developed more for grinding food. Despite the structure of their teeth seeming to be primarily carnivorous, neveals are, in fact, omnivores, having adapted to be able to consume a larger range of energy for different body functions. However, neveals are still primarily carnivorous and thus are able to eat raw meat with a smaller risk of having their health negatively affected from it. However, as for poison, a neveal's body is not the best at adapting to fight such chemicals since possibly poisonous chemicals are not introduced to their bodies often. Their skin colors range from a white metallic color to a dark blue.

As for muscular strength, neveals are not the strongest, as they have hollow bones and so they don't have to carry a much weight for a normal species of their size. Also, because of this the neveals' bones are fragile and easy to break. Neveals have a set of horns over their eyes that were used for defense when they first began as a species, but over time the horns have become nothing more than just spikes used to seem appealing to other. They also have what looks like fins that go from the the top of their head to middle of their backs that are used to absorb air from the atmosphere to be used specifically for creating luciferase.

Note: despite the scales and other biological descriptions that hint towards the species being cold-blooded, neveals are warm-blooded, having adapted to be able to bear with unusual temperature changes.

History: The neveals started out as a chaotic, nomadic race. They would war with each other- brother against brother, offspring and parents fighting. As time continued, however, the neveals began to become more civilized as more and more of their species put a stop to their nomadic ways and began trying to get along with each other. That was only one problem solved, however. Their home planet, Gavelrous, had a chaotic system, its rotation unpredictable- the time of sunlight and night differing each day. This is probably why the Neveals had their luciferase lights in the first place. Another species was present on their planet- the Hesanages. Both of these species began to settle down around the same time, creating small communities. While the neveals had adapted to the light of the planet, the hesanages had adapted to the darkness on the planet and were able to blend in with the darkness. These two species warred for hundreds of years before the hesanages finally died out and the Neveals were victorious. While one might expect that with such a chaotic background that the neveals would be a more violent race, they really weren't. This species was tired of war and thought things out rationally. They focused more on economy and technology, becoming a more friendly species over another few hundred years. They made an empire based on technology and eventually expanded to other planets and star systems.

Now the Neveal's home planet, Gevelrous, is all but abandoned. It is amazing, really, that the planet is still around with such an unpredictable ecosystem. The neveals, realizing that the planet wasn't safe, slowly moved to another planet that was close to their own- Hydranton. The planet, having no species that were intellectual and yet having a strong, stable ecosystem and an atmosphere that is high in moisture, was perfect for the species to migrate to. This was the first planet the Nevalrok empire colonized. It was after this that the neveals began to find interest in expanding their empire, even more.

Culture: As I have already stressed, the neveals are an economical and technological-based species (though of course the technology section isn't a surprise, considering they wouldn't be working on space travel, if not Razz)

The schooling system for this species is mostly based on math and science, because of this, and most neveals excel in these areas of learning. However, the neveals are not as knowledgable of their history as most species, which at times could be a weakness. Schooling for a neveal usually starts around age five and they go through thirteen grades of being taught a range of subjects from the basic math and science to more advanced classes such as technological classes over how to design certain technological devices and also how to use other items. In the ninth year of schooling, a neveal can choose if he or she wishes to be in the military, a technological design-based job, or a different job. After that, most of their classes are based on what they choose. If they are still undecided, a neveal can take a wide range of classes to decide what they would like for their profession to be, and if any neveal wants a profession major change, it is allowed. After the basic schooling, neveals can choose if they wish to enter a college-like schooling system to farther their intelligence of their profession along with making the variety of jobs they wish to have available to choose from wider.

Neveals also are known for being relatively friendly, yet serious. In other words, they are kind but don't joke around much XP. Of course, each neveal is different so there are some that joke around, but not many.

As for the regular diet of a neveal, while being omnivores neveals can eat just about any plant or living organism that's not considered poisonous. However, neveals prefer meat- mostly the meat from organisms that live in the water, comparable to seafood that humans eat. Meat is often times eaten raw, as are plants (you could say they aren't the best cooks or just have strange taste buds- whichever works for you XD)

As for attire, neveals usually wear white, cloth-like materials. The females usually wear dresses with the wealthier neveals wearing a golden chain around their waist, over their shoulder, or in some other unique way. For females that are part of either the political structure (which, by the way, is parliamentary) or of the military status (whenever they are not in a battle field or preparing for one), they usually wear iron shoulder guards rimmed with a gold color and metallic-colored gloves, also rimmed with a golden coloring. They also wear special belts that hold extra water and fresh air.

Males usually wear a white shirt of some style with tan pants, and a robe of some color over it. They usually wear boots of some sort. The wealthier males, like the females, usually wear a golden chain somewhere on them. The ones of political or military status whenever it is not wartime or if they aren't on duty at the time, usually wear golden-colored shoulder guards with iron guards over their boots. They usually wear a belt that holds extra supplies of water and fresh air, should there be an emergency. The males also wear iron like gloves.

Note- on the inside of the metal items the neveals wear is a rubber-like material to protect them from things such as electrocution, considering wearing such metals make the dangers of such a circumstance more likely.

As for the preferred environment, neveals prefer more nature-based areas combined with technology- say, a town surrounded by several trees- since it provides fresh air and water to help create luciferase. This being said, neveals have a strong dislike for hotter climates that are relatively dry with the air stuffy.

Military: The neveals, while they are not a warring species and rarely get in wars, are cautious. This being said, they have a fleet that's a bit small for the usual military fleets of different species ready for primarily defense purposes. Soldiers, when equipped, usually wear light metal for protection, along with material underneath to lessen the possibility of being electrocuted. Along with their weapons, those of the military use their luciferase to their advantage against non-neveals- they will often times have large blasts of light emitted from them to temporarily blind or shock opponents.

There are four basic military units. The City Protesters, the Colony Defenders, the Elitists, and the Travelers.

The city protectors
This military section's name is self-explanatory. They are the ones that are meant to protect city's. Usually foot soldiers and the largest unit, the city protectors work for a range of jobs that can be from an officer-like enforcing figure to a more military-specialized soldier used only for protection of the city, in whole, instead of just the law. The ones that are like police officers usually wear a silver chain that goes from their top left shoulder to their bottom right side, the same way a sash is worn. They don't wear as much armor as others of the military class, but I will say now that those of every unit wear shoulder guards, gloves, and metal guards over their boots. All of the soldiers for all classes wear belts that provide extra liquid and air for them. On the inside of all equipment is rubber-like material, as I stated earlier, to lower the probability of being electrocuted.

The military-like City Protecters, however, include a chest plate, helmet, and guards for the upper half of their legs.

The usual weapons for this unit are the most common neveal weapons: a metal rod that is made to transmit large amounts of electricity from either end when certain parts of the rod that are in the center feel pressure on them. The settings on this object can be changed when it is rotated in specific ways, that can make electric charges be released from different areas of the rod along with change what's emitted from the rod from heat to electricity to making the rod cold if the opponent has the cold as a weakness. For long-ranged weapons, neveals usually have a weapon that shoots small metal bullets, the way a human gun is, but there is a twist- these items, that look a bit like guns, can have their settings changed to where the bullets have different effects. One setting can heat the bullet to make it burn whatever it hits, another can freeze the item right edited sending it flying at the target. It can also be charged with electricity, which is one of the most common settings. These items, called long-ranged shooters, only have about fifteen rounds per set of bullet-like objects placed in them.

Colony Defenders

This group is often times paired with the Travelers- this military unit is used to defend colonies on planets and also help colonize other planets. They, also, carry around the usual rod and long-ranged weapons, but usually don't use these. Considering colonies are usually cities, they are mostly protected by the City Protecters. Colony Defenders try to buy colonies or star systems from other species, this they are usually very eloquent and sociable. They usually only wear shoulder pads, gloves, and guards for their boots. Only when they try to actually capture a colony, which isn't often, does this unit actually wear chest plates and helmets.


The smallest and yet most powerful of the military groups, the Elitists are used for offensive powers- say, when a star system wishes to be taken by force. This group is specialized in close ranged and long-ranged combat, and are also specialized in using ships. This group uses the most equipment, using two small rods that are around 5 feet long (the usual length is around 7 feet). They also carry around the long-range shooters- two each. They usually wear a Chest plate, guard for their thighs and calves, boots, arms, gloves, and helmets.

The name explains it, like the others. Travelers are mostly made for, well, traveling. They travel in ships, ysed to help colonize. None of the members of this fleet use foot-soldier items- instead, they use small rockets to shoot at other ships from their own, though this isn't done often. In fact, this fleet is probably the farthest from being a military fleet than any other group- they are mostly the colonizing group, that help discover.

Government: (this will have a lot of hoo-man references since I'm not the best at explaining things and I hate learning about the government XD)
Primarily parliamentary, the Nevalrok empire has a basic setting that is a bit like Britain's. Every colony votes for one representative, which ends up in the council. The council makes decisions for laws in the empire. There is no supreme power such as a king, potentate, or president, however- rather there is just the parliament. The parliament votes and chooses different neveals to be in charge of other classes that work like the administrations in America- the GWNRA, Galaxy-wide Nevalrok Rights Association and other classes. These classes are each assigned a certain subject or item to tax and keep an eye on. These are in charge of smaller sections and topics to make things easier to control. And then the representatives of each colony choose their own colony's main leader, which helps in enforcing the law and makes maintaining the peace much easier. These leaders are like governors and are meant to keep an eye on things such as the number of City Protecters and Colony Defenders needed, along with choosing a treasure to keep an eye on the Colony income an also choosing a secretary to record the different assets, liabilities, transactions, requirements, and any other actions that are taken in an attempt to improve the colony or city.


on foot
Neveals usually try to buy other systems trough trading or just cash. However, when fighting, the common battle tactics involve something like guerrilla warfare. Neveal soldiers usually strategize an attack plan and swoop in, do a quick attack full of flashing lights to confuse and shock, and then run off. They will quickly try to prepare for yet another attack before the opponents have completely overcome the shock of the attack, and then return to attack again. This strategy is usually done by Elitists, since guerrilla warfare takes more experienced, skilled fighters in smaller groups.

When fighting against larger armies, however, the Nevalrok usually line up in an organized formation, shoulder-to-shoulder with like lines behind them, strengthening their defense. When in this formation, commonly used by City Protectors, every member also gains a special shield that is clear to help the light coming from below their armor to shine through.

Ship fleets

Ships usually travel in an organized formation that involve the main ship in the very center with other ships- about four- spread throughout the area to make something of a square shape. These ships are used to spot any enemies that may be seen, and if any are, they send a signal to the others and they try to protect the main ship, which usually holds the most important supplies or most powerful weapons. When on the offensive side, guerrilla warfare is used, where the ships appear on a planet, attack, run off when strength gets low, an return to attack yet again.
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