A Very Brief Overview of the Life of Kradus Krylen

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A Very Brief Overview of the Life of Kradus Krylen Empty A Very Brief Overview of the Life of Kradus Krylen

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Lord Kradus Kryle


Lord Kradus is the most famous of villains in all of Ravena. Having enslaved nearly half the galaxy during his five hundred year reign, he achieved many things most individuals would remark as impossible. Kradus, an extremely intelligent Jadel was born on the Jadel homeworld of Maful. A mainly barren and rocky planet with dark skies.


Kradus was born on Maful and raised by his two parents. He lived in a small town in the hills. The Loccalian - Nexaric war was raging. The Loccalians having been the more numerous race influenced their control over weaker races either by killing them off or enslaving them. However there were many races that did not reach the eyes of the Loccalians or were not considered worth dealing with. The Loccalians often kidnapped Jadel from Maful and used them as slaves.

When Elective Vano Caeki came to office, he decided there was a shortage in slave supply and sent a massive fleet to ravage Maful and take as many prisoner as possible. During the attack, Kradus was the only or to survive. After witnessing both parents brutally murdered, he was taken in a Loccalian ship to a colony where he worked as a slave for about fifteen years. Those were the most brutal years of his life.

He was treated with poor living conditions. The slaves of Slavemaster Zedika Sroana were all forced to sleep in a small cramped room, practically in a pile. They were lucky to have bathed twice a month. They would be attacked for no reason. They would be worked, in some cases to death. They would be insulted and abused. They would also be chained up for the amusement of Zedika. They were poorly fed, some starved. They were punished very harshly for the tiniest of mistakes, sometimes with death.

Kradus was put through an emotional roller coaster from the ages of nine until he was twenty four. He lost many friends over the years. As Loccalians grew harsher over the years, Kradus slowly began to grow emotionless. Being number to harm and slowly his mind deteriorating into brutal animalism, he became very dangerous. By his adulthood he did not understand compassion or kindness because he was never taught to. He slipped into insanity during those years, but undetectable by the average eye.

After the Loccalians had been killed off by the Nexarans, Kradus was set free. He tracked down whatever leaders of the Loccalians remained and killed them all using very slow, torturous methods. He also ate them and drank their blood.

Kradus soon joined the Galactic Coalition. A gigantic council set to keep order in the galaxy. But Kradus found that it was no better than the war he'd just escaped. He was mistreated for his Jadel heritage. He was always assigned as a servant for governors. After so many servant assignments, he grew tired of being a slave. He organized a rebellion within the Galactic Coalition which was composed mainly of a race called Zraak whose leaders were inspired by Kradus and devoted themselves to him. After a thorough detonation of the Coalition's capital building and with the leaders of so many races dead, Kradus took any remnants that came to him. The rebels soon formed their own alliance. An empire called the Dominion.

Kradus was recommended by the Zraak as a candidate for leadership. There was a great system of elections and selections. Near the middle of it all, there was a large dinner for the candidates called "Final's Feast". In it, Kradus poisoned all of the other candidates in order to win the title of emperor, as he refused to be small. He was determined to be the biggest, the best, and the highest. Never would he allow himself to shrink back down to the equality of a slave.

To lower suspicion Kradus himself had to drink the poison, but his Jadel blood was immune to it. The other candidates were from other races. Kradus passed it off saying that it was a cook's dish gone horribly wrong and claiming that he hadn't eaten anything. During autopsies, the poison was untraceable within the bodies of the leaders. It was Syli Venom. A type of nectar extracted from the Sylicus Flower on Maful. It's known to be lethal to all creatures except for Jadel and untraceable in autopsies.

This left Kradus to be the leader of the Dominion. He was inspirational in speeches and able to move people with only a few words. He had amazing powers of speech. He could turn a group of innocent, sweet-hearted townsfolk into cold-blooded murderers with just the flick of his tongue. Thousands of smaller races joined the Dominion. Though the largest races were the Zraak, Leprol, Et'Huk Ulk, and their weapon race, the Karthla. They were the only ears that submitted much military to the Dominion races. But all races that did not submit soldiers were forced to submit workers, which soon was termed slaves as hardships grew more intense. Kradus had become the very thing he swore to destroy, claiming that "the galaxy was a place of folly and laziness and things taken for granted; that the people needed to know what it is like."

As Kradus aged he grew weaker and desires things to keep him alive. He wanted to live for an extremely long period of time, an forever if possible. He tried cybernetics, but they didn't work as desired. Then he tried Karthla implants. They made him seem younger and more powerful and allowed him to live many years. But he constantly struggled to keep them from taking over his entire body--as was the sole mission of Karthlosis. Karthlosis took over the mind and body and transformed one into a member of the Karthla themselves.

Kradus wanted to keep his mind and his body, so he looked for ways to keep the invasion at bay. Medications would work temporarily, but he needed something more stable. When word reached his ear of a very powerful source of energy that could be used to sustain his body, a Blue Orb, he races to find it. Eventually ending in failure to him and success to the Third Arm Confederacy and their team of retrievers. Afterwards Kradus had spoke to Mother Edus about bringing back his old favorite: Lord Knoll--a genetically and cybernetically enhanced Karthla Overlord class. He was capable of speaking and thinking like a sentient, intelligent being. Eventually Edus came up with a way to bring him back by means of Karthla cloning within a special pod.

Kradus and Knoll heard of a Red Orb and eventually obtained it. Kradus used it to give himself great power. Eventually in a battle on a lava covered planet, the orb was destroyed and Kradus beheaded. Knoll was slain as well. General Shancar, Kradus' leading Zraak was imprisoned in a Confederacy asylum and proclaimed insane. The Dominion was destroyed.

A Jadel named Skandalon was raised by Edus over many years and eventually brought the Dominion back out of the ashes. Skandalon recovered Kradus' body and freed Shancar. Together they discovered a way to bring him back and did so. Kradus having an enormous physical appearance with immense strength and sharpness, capable of doing far more damage than he ever could dream of doing before.

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