Ruthless Galaxy - Retribution of those forgotten

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Ruthless Galaxy - Retribution of those forgotten

Post by Whos on Sun Apr 20, 2014 7:20 am

The Jorro'Kil and KGI have been at war for a mere week and a half. Yet both sides are already feeling the strain. Let the Dominion try and govern the galaxy. This is where the small antagonists go to war. The threat of the KGI is growing. Their master plan is yet to be Unveiled. Can the JL defeat them. And what of the Necroterrans. Will they rise from the ground and prosper?

The DevilReap is rising in the darkest corners of the galaxy. The Dominion is falling at the hands of it's enimies. A deadly infection is spreading across the holy spiral. All this together. Will anyone survive?

This RP is for members of the Ruthless Galaxy club only. Please register and enter you're race, should you wish to post here. Thank you, for listening

This will use the same OOC as the first RG RP. (Wow, abrieviations galore!)

No spamming
No godmodding
No recurring, purposeful disruptive behaviour (3 strikes)
Be as imaginative as you like
Have fun

The emperor Scrlis stood on the observation deck. He looked out at his master peice. Few races realised the destructive power of the terraforming tool. The JL had seen the desert enducer first hand. Buy what Scrylis was observing was the culmination if the KGI's scientific knowledge. Their empire would rise with the completion of this machine. The long arms of the machine curled back on themselves, making a skeletal globe. The long centre bar sprouted them and housed the multiple Dark Matter capsules. A deep blue light emanated from the machines core. The sun sized device would spell the end of the weak and the strong alike. The arms of the monster housed billions of AA guns and the space station housing the core held billions of cruisers and frigates. It was a fortress. Nigh impregnable. No one would destroy the galaxy drainer. No one.

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