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Maltran MB-Balakar, Historical Archives. Entry 2,246...

Metapoison War nearing end at high cost. Maltran and Ordauthian empires must focus all military efforts on the rising threat. Military Science Officer D'erael Iora under warrant for arrest in the construction of Karthis virus, which began as a weapon for use against the Ordauth. Karthis chemicals bonded with the already present Kada Virus to create supervirus. Maltroid homeworld of Vasheki has fallen. Ordauth metapoisoning attacks has caused infected specimens to mutate into animalistic creatures. All infected specimens are hostile. No known cure. Infected enemy forces dubbed "Karthla".

Largest metapoison radiation field pockets caused the forming of mass threat specimen. Specimen is known as Clurichach with the capability to absorb the mind of the life forms it consumes. After approximately three decades, creature known as Clurichach has been eliminated on Vasheki's moon, Daimega. Remains seem to resist decomposition and will not burn, shred, or disassemble in any known ways. Remains freeze in glacial regions of Daimega. Eight star years later Daimega eliminated by incredibly large asteroid structure. Explosion scattered fragments of the moon onto Vasheki's surface, carrying non-decomposed Clurichach remains. After heating, remains join with Vasheki environment and attract Karthla specimens. Upon contact with the remains all Karthla are killed and absorbed within. All Maltroid forces are ordered not to disturb the structure.

Approximately 60 years following, Karthla threat is reduced. Hives are restricted to select zones of the galaxy of Ravena. In order to combat new efficient strategies of the Ordauth and We, the Maltran People, Karthla begin adapting and rapid evolution takes place. Studies indicate a ranking system and primal social hierarchy developing. Alpha specimens have emerged. Soon said Alpha specimens discover Clurichach remnant structure and are absorbed. Theory suggests their intelligence and life chemical amount is great enough to regenerate fallen Clurichach. Structure melts down into new organism. New being is dubbed, "Servex".

Servex escapes Vasheki aboard fleet during bombing session and begins infection of Juggernaut-XL16N14D. Virus is leaked to seventeen mass-populated Maltroid metropolitan planetoids. Servex still at large...


Chapter One: Down

The hall was filled with the moving of armed soldiers. Each was about eight feet tall and bipedal, standing humanoid in body structure. Two arms and two legs, a neck, a head, a spine, feet, hands, etc. They were all coated in an extremely thick coat of blue armor. Suits that were air-tight and devoid of any openings, chinks, or disruptions. They were ready for war. The hall was filled with them, moving in and out of hatches which led to various other rooms in the structure.

One soldier moved through the hall, a large gun of some kind attached to his back. It stomped into a room after placing its hand on a scanner and opening the door. As the door sealed behind it, the soldier placed its hands on its mask and air blew out of the sides. The helmet was lifted and the face of the creature revealed. Very pale in appearance, the skin was grayish white. It had an oddly shaped head with an exoskeleton wrapped around it and openings for four beady, circular yellow eyes. The mouth rested in a hidden compartment under the exoskeleton, but it could still speak through holes in the coating designed specifically for the emission of sound.

"Unit AAA-719 Medrecht," spoke a computerized voice among a glowing aqua holographic console against the wall before it. "Report."

"Status report," droned Medrecht. "Normal. Preparing for docking on Sayane." With that, Medrecht sat down on a circular seat which was placed in an impression along the wall. This creature appeared to be masculine and had four fingers on each hand under armor gloves and no toes were visible, but the shape of the armor along the foot was evident that it was unlike normal feet. Medrecht faced several other soldiers who also entered the room, gave their status reports, and sat down in the rest chairs. Medrecht was very quiet, like most Maltroid soldiers. But even then, the others were far more chatty than him. Many mistook him for a sociopath among the ranks, one of the rare cases when a Maltroid would join the military for the purpose of killing legally. This did not describe Medrecht. He was no bloodthirsty villain, but neither was he a hero. He was himself.

"Unit Seven-Ninteen," called a soldier who walked slowly towards him, stepping away from the platform in the room where reports were taken. The soldier removed the mask which muffled him and looked at his companion. Medrecht barely knew this soldier but understood that they were to treat each other as though friends, for they were allies united. He looked up at the face of the Maltroid who approached him. "Overseer wishes you well on your return home. He received a transmission from your pod, your kin are enthusiastic to see you."

Medrecht gave a nod of thanks as the soldier parted. It would not be long now before he was home again on Sayane. He held his helmet in his lap, leaned back, and closed his eyes with his transparent eyelids to rest. The eyelids filled themselves with gas which colored the skin and allowed darkness to coat the sallow yellow eyes of Medrecht. He was put to sleep by the lulling hum of the ship and the low voices of the other Maltroids taking report. In time, when he opened his eyes, they were docking. He found himself standing on the landing platform, a large circular dish of orange light which blinked, causing Medrecht to experience a flash of blinding light. He then noticed he had been transported outside of the ship, which was high in the dark orange sky, just behind the clouds.

He was on a large metal dock, jutting out from the midpoint of a massive skyscraper building. He looked out, seeing a huge metropolis filled with billions of floating and gliding transportation vehicles which roamed the air and let their inhabitants off at various elevations. He looked back at the crowd awaiting him and saw a multitude of Maltroids. They were tall and not physically fit in any way, obviously mere civilians. They wore garments of metal and holographic materializations, but no true armor. They were cheering and giving their own fashion of applause by gurgling glands along their throats as he and his companions were teleported down onto the platform.

Medrecht stepped forward, finding his kin in the front of the crowd where the kin of each soldier lied. The spot had been reserved especially for them. He noticed his offspring, a young feminine Maltroid who did not have a mature exoskeleton, jumping forward and clinging to his leg. Just as he reached down to greet his child, something shook the area. The civilians began screaming, a panic ensuing. Medrecht instinctively screwed his helmet on and turned around to view the large carrier that had dropped him off. It was falling straight from the sky, slowly but surely. Hot fiery steel showered down into the city, crushing a huge cornucopia of skyscrapers. Medrecht recognized the ships that had just arrived in the sky.

Ordauth cruisers, enormous ones. Gigantic ray shaped ships with elegant curves and spirals. They resembled bundles of metal tentacles or gleaming dark silver waters. They unleashed thousands of small fighters who following unleashed their own arrays of thick orange darts of light, spreading destruction over the city.

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