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The vast wealth of planets with which Ravena is endowed are home to a wide range of peoples and empires. Here, the known worlds have been catalogued and given a brief description.



Irooscin, located in the Sev system, is roughly one and a half times bigger than earth. Irooscin is a tropical planet; 72% of the planet is covered in water. Many of the landmasses are small, and spread out across various oceans and seas on the surface of Irooscin. Archipelagos are in fact quite common. Most of these have rainforests, or, if in the north or far north, a temperate climate with humid subtropics, or humid continental. Some continents and other landmasses also have steppe and desert areas.
There are also several large continents. Most of these are southward, and almost all of them are in contact with the planet's equator.  Highland regions are present within these continents, in company with Irooscin's mountains.

The planet itself is overall warm, being slightly closer to its own sun than earth is to Sol. It has a rotation once every 36 hours. Every year contains roughly 333 days, which are divided into weeks and half-weeks. Weeks have six days, and half-weeks have three.


The moderators will continue this catalogue, whereas members may submit planets to the moderators to add to this thread.

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