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Social Conduct

Post by Darkel on Sun Mar 22, 2015 10:25 am

In RG, we have a certain way of communicating and sharing ideas. This can sometimes be scary to newcomers, but don't worry. I'll go over what is expected of you here whether you're just here to chat or you're RPing with us.

Behavior & Conduct

Don't be an a$$hole - this is the single most important rule when socializing in RG. Don't be an a$$hole. Nobody likes it, you're not being cool, and we will ban you. Most people here are nice to one another, and while we do have our occasional arguments, acting in this manner is a quick route to being banned. We consider it harassment and flaming.

Give constructive criticism - nobody likes your hurtful comments. Nobody will listen to your advice if you're giving it in a hurtful, narcissistic, or demeaning manner. There is a difference between constructive criticism and insulting people. Be nice and everyone should get along just fine.

Do not copy ideas of other people - if somebody makes something that nobody else has made before, or gives their race a unique spin, don't ruin that for them. Do not copy. The mods have this problem with their big races, which are well-done and popular enough that everyone seems to copy them and they can never have uniqueness. You will lose respect VERY quickly if you copy someone.

No furries - we are not a furry club. Do not make furry races. We've had a lot of furry races entered here, from space beavers to cat people, you name it. We deny all sheets right off the bat that we think are furry races. Your likelihood of getting accepted even afterwards decreases substantially. So please avoid this. We are looking for alien beings which are so far from earthy design that it's otherworldly. Think weirdly.

Once your race is accepted, don't change it - This is essentially cheating. We have a lot of problems with people getting their races accepted and then they change it so much that it's not even the same anymore. Sometimes they even change it to copy another race. DO NOT do this. I'm not saying you can't change your race. During the course of the story your race is subject to the same story development and evolution that all the others are. But as far as your edits go, you should never suddenly change the whole thing in such a way. You need a mod's permission and you need to keep it relevant to the application which we accepted.

Modesty - we like modesty. You don't need to be the coolest and the baddest. Be modest.

Lack of communication - in RG, you have to communicate with other RPers. We get very aggravated when people don't communicate with us. You have to tell us when you're going to do something. Don't just suddenly spring some big surprise on us. Because often times we don't like surprises, at least when they affect other people. Now if it does nothing but affect your own characters, that's fine. But if it involves others, you must let us know.

Ask for permission - ask mods before you attempt to do something big.

Follow guidelines - this is also important. Read and abide by all forum rules.


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