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Meet the Staff

Post by Darkel on Sun Mar 22, 2015 6:35 pm

Meet the Staff!
Welcome to the official Meet the Staff thread. This thread will introduce you to the people who run RG and make arguably the largest contributions in the community. If you have any concerns, questions, suggestions --- these are the people to contact. First, let's start with the various ranks.

Administrators are the top level, the ones most in charge. While there are only a couple of them, they have the most authority of all RG members. As of right now, our two administrators are Darkel and Zaroas. The head of the admin team is Darkel, who is the founder of RG.
Moderators are a step below the administrators. Their main responsibility is keeping the forums clean and taking disciplinary measures against members. Our current three moderators are Whoster, ThePrussianCompy, and ViperaUnion
While the administrators have absolute control over the RPs and usually are the only ones to introduce big changes, there are a few exceptions that they make for people they approve of. People who are exceptionally good at roleplaying, and/or have great potential for the stories, and/or control important things under the permission of the admins are given the rank of Storymaker. The Storymaker is given extra RP privileges. If you have any story concerns or questions, contact them first. Our current Storymakers (including admins) are Darkel, Zaroas, Whoster, and curius.

Now that we have that laid out, let's go over who we can contact for what.

Disciplinary Department - To report a violation in forum guidelines, please contact a moderator. If a moderator is not available and does not respond in 2 to 5 days, please contact an administrator.

Technical Department - Something wrong with the forum? Having technological difficulties? To get help regarding coding or anything regarding the forum, contact an administrator. If you can't access the forum for some reason, you may email them.

Story Department - To ask story questions, discuss ideas, etc, contact the Storymakers.

Race Moderation Department - Your alien races must be accepted either by a Storymaker or Administrator only. Contact either of them if you have any concerns or questions.


The Staff Members
Now let's take a look at each individual staff member! We'll list them in order of main rank.



Moderator, Storymaker





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