Aliens: Friendly, Neutral, or Hostile?

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Aliens: Friendly, Neutral, or Hostile?

Post by Darkel on Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:37 pm

While we discussed the possibility of alien life as well as contacting it in the Fermi thread, here let's talk about our opinions on their possible mindsets. Now assume aliens have contacted earth for whatever reason. Are they friendly, neutral, or hostile and why?

This article expresses most of my theories:

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Re: Aliens: Friendly, Neutral, or Hostile?

Post by Whos on Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:45 pm

I think they're terrified little explorers who have been searching for other life for a millennia in spaceships equipped with either cloning or revitalizing technology, and would probably be neutral.

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Re: Aliens: Friendly, Neutral, or Hostile?

Post by ShadowBroker on Tue Jul 19, 2016 8:54 am

Oh oh! Alien behavior towards Earth! Awesome!

I been thinking on this matter for whenever I could and I came down with a more delicate conclusion with a complex of superiority.

Lets take this scale to an ant. We, humans, at this point of our when we are (kind of) mature and seek out to learn, express ourselves, reproduce and more 'relevant' actions we accomplish day by day; we also believe ourselves superior from the rest of the beings in this planet. Ergo that in this very point, if we pass by some ants we wouldn't be aware of it's presence, we wouldn't be interest to establish relationships with some ants or initialize comercial routes, but neither we need to extinguish them.

Now take it to the scale of the aliens. Why would they be friendly, hostile or even neutral with humans when we are nothing but some ants in their way? They may distinguish our ability to speak, to coherence; but that doesn't change the fact we may not have any information or resource they will find in any other desert planet with less resistance.

Now, if these aliens find us here, what they would 'most likely' do, is to investigate us from a good distance for all life forms may or may not be ready for things they aren't capable to understand. (Any of us would freak out when you see a giant weird seventeen eyes, twisted head with four legs alien that you aren't sure if it will either eat you or say "hi")

My point? We all saw the vast universe, we saw it's reach. There is a probability the aliens are here already watching us from above or among us. But they do not find us ready to know them nor to start a 'relationship', I believe they are indifferent towards whatever happens to the human race.

I can't blame them if this is their way of thinking, after all, we think like this as well with the rest of 'mindless' life forms.

(Yeah I know this topic is old but I couldn't stop for a slightly second to write on it!! )

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Re: Aliens: Friendly, Neutral, or Hostile?

Post by Vara Lord on Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:52 pm

Personally, I don't believe we've been visited or contacted by aliens.
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Re: Aliens: Friendly, Neutral, or Hostile?

Post by ViperaUnion on Fri Jul 22, 2016 8:57 am

Whether or not humans have made contact with alien life, whether simple bacteria or an advanced intelligent race, that isn't something I'm sure of, but I've reached several conclusions about this sort of thing.

Assuming humans can communicate with the aliens at all, given that we don't share a common root language, or even the same manner of expression, what's to make the aliens perceive us as fellow beings or people? If we look nothing like one another, and the physical differences alone are as great as those between a chimpanzee and a slug, communication even on a nonverbal level would be very hard to achieve. There's also the fact that it's really hard to view something so different as a fellow person, and even in cases where you might be an advocate for treating things kindly, they're probably going to be more inclined to regard us as intelligent animals, even if on a logical level they believe we're intelligent enough to be called an actual sentient race.

With this idea in mind, humans and Earth would probably become like how NASA treats possible life-supporting worlds. They'd want to study us, for the sake of research, and try to avoid contaminating Earth with foreign life that might be harmful to the ecosystem. Why they would want information, specifically, I wouldn't know, but any sort of planet that has reached Earth's level of biodiversity would be sort of interesting, I would think.

Assuming we get past the silent, studying phase, in all honesty, I can't see us making friends. Why? I don't know the nature of the aliens, but assuming humans act like they always have, we'd probably convince the aliens we were too dangerous to deal with. Not because we really pose a threat, but more likely because, even as intelligent as humans are, we always want to be the superior beings in existence, and we tend to do a lot of idiotic or cruel things to other creatures in pursuit of this ideal. We'd probably treat the aliens (Who are, if they've found us, probably far more intelligent or advanced), like a fascinating study sample, and want to experiment on them like chimpanzees or lab rats.

Really, I don't know if it would warrant a 'Destroy all Humans' scenario, given that destroying our species would probably take a lot of effort and they would be losing a bunch of other things that they might actually really like and want to keep alive, but I wouldn't think they'd want to engage in friendly negotiations with us. Even if the aliens are capable of it, humans probably aren't.

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Re: Aliens: Friendly, Neutral, or Hostile?

Post by curius on Sat Jul 23, 2016 9:19 am

Vipera's and shadow brocker's points are good and touch the issue I have. The issue is that everything we hypothise about alien life and/or intelligence has to be based on our experiences on earth.

So on earth we recognize several possible forms of life: animals, fungi, plants and bacteria. All life on earth can be identified as one of these, or in rare case in between. Nothing dictates that these are the universal standard of life though.

But humans are aware only of these, so imagining life outside these boundaries is like trying to imagine new colour. Same goes for extra terrestial intelligence, but at high magnitude.

What I mean is that we have very little information to base our guesses on, like trying to guess what human looks like after seeing one of its cells. Those are my thoughts.

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Re: Aliens: Friendly, Neutral, or Hostile?

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