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Re: Something Old, Something New - IC

Post by Canis_dirus on Thu Oct 20, 2016 10:04 pm

The unit doing the talking listened to Ghirshi through the door, then replied, its pronunciation improving some after hearing the Chimerosu's speech, although it was still left some to be desired. "The misunderstanding is forgiven, and we gladly accept your invitation"
A moment passed, then the unit opened the door and stepped into the room. It stood seven feet tall and of a somewhat bulky build, with purple-grey paint. Its black visual receptors took in the room and its occupants in multiple spectrums as it gathered data. "Greetings, I am unit 6-103225 of the System. We found your vessel and thought it derelict"
The other infantry units accompanying it waited outside, still ready to spring into action if needed.

While this was going on, the various boarding parties on the Chimerosu vessel continued their various tasks revolving around exploring and surveying the vessel. The bridge team in particular, had found their destination, and was looking over the various controls and attempting to interface with the computer.



Nearly immediatelly a response arrived from 4-1994/4 to the Hadrin "Unfortunately, we cannot allow boarding parties until we have finished our survey of the vessel. In addition, if any crew or passengers are found, the vessel is under the authority of the United Confederate Nations of Ravena, and will be turned over to the UFAIA and Imperial Coalition vessels. If none are found, then we will turn over the vessel after the completion of our survey. Any interactions with the vessel will have to be discussed with them."

Meanwhile, about ten AUs away from the present situation, a flotilla consisting of two System battlecruisers and one carrier exited slipspace with blue tinged flashes. Having already raised their shields, they held position, waiting for a requirement from 4-1994/4.

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Re: Something Old, Something New - IC

Post by curius on Thu Nov 03, 2016 4:10 pm

Time passed by in silence as Vendor went through the data it had, trying to formulate working models out of it. Logov was also staying silent, which Vendor had started to account to his character. However Fleetmaster unwillingness to coordinate together was troubling. Vendor had trusted that in the face of common threat Logov would have been more responsive. Filing the case under “pride, honor, anger ect, self-destructive behaviors” Vendor turned its attention back to the situation.

The System ship had just fired its active sensors which woke Vendor up. It followed the example, firing its own sensors. Knowing to look for something Vendor was able to notice a gravitational anomaly fairly near by. A quick reference to memory gave it a 92% probability of being a ship. As it also was not a System’s ship and unlikely a Jorro'kil one, it most likely belonged to a third party. Vendor added one more unknown variable to its equations. The equations still had Jorro'kil fleet somewhat safely on the top of the military diagram, and Vendor trusted it could negotiate its way around any other kinds of problems.

Those were Vendor's thoughts when the System’s support fleet arrived. Scrapping its earlier predictions Vendor quickly scanned the new arrivals: three large ships, all having their shields raised and seemingly ready to battle. Had they been closer it would have seem clear they were aggressive. At least this was a good reason to contact Logov again: “Sir Fleetmaster Logov, this is Vendor speaking. I have detecting three large ships entering the local space. They appear to belong to the same race boarding the derelict. They are approximately ten AUs away, and have their shields raised. I have also just detected a possible cloaked object, probably a ship.”

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Re: Something Old, Something New - IC

Post by Whos on Tue Nov 08, 2016 1:17 pm

Logov observed the situation through the blue-tinted holograms arrayed around him. The "System" had obviously allocated more ships towards the venture of the first, an action which Logov found to be mostly innocent; his fleet outnumbered the one System unit greatly, so the presence of a greater fleet on the System's part would be a wise measure for upholding their agreement. Still, Logov hoped these entities were not some ancient enemies of the Jorro'kil, or secret enemies of the Confederacy, or anything of the like, here to ruin his day.

"Sir, transmission from the UFIAI vessel." Said one of the COMMs officers.

"I'll hear it." The Fleetmaster replied, leaning forward in his command chair to hear the audio. A mechanical voice, slightly distorted by static, spoke through the communications module on the bridge.

“Sir Fleetmaster Logov, this is Vendor speaking. I have detecting three large ships entering the local space. They appear to belong to the same race boarding the derelict. They are approximately ten AUs away, and have their shields raised. I have also just detected a possible cloaked object, probably a ship.”

Immediately following this, Logov ordered all ships under his command to make a broad sweep of the area for cloaked vessels, already greatly annoyed at the presence of so many intruders on his mission. The next order of business was, finally, to contact Vendor. His updates seemed to be born out of some concern, benign or otherwise. However, before the Fleetmaster was able to send a message, the scans he had ordered of the surrounding space came back positive: a ship, or something, of unknown identity, sat cloaked in the darkness.

"Calculate the exact position of that hidden vessel, and send a message, in all known languages, ordering them to reveal themselves to the rest of us. I'm tired of interlopers." Logov said tersely.

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Re: Something Old, Something New - IC

Post by Vara Lord on Sat Nov 12, 2016 8:19 pm

"Sir, we're picking up a transmission from the Coalition vessel. They've detected us somehow, and they're ordering us to reveal ourselves."

Nevra pounded his fist and cursed. "How did they pick us up?"

"Unknown, Sir," replied the crewman.

"Has the Chimerosu vessel responded to our hails?" asked Nevra.

"No, Sir."

Nevra sighed, and rubbed his face. What had begun as a simple scouting mission had rapidly become complicated. Circumstances being what they were, Nevra had no desire to engage in what could potentially be a dangerous situation with the Coalition. Still, refusing to acquiesce to the demand to reveal themselves could potentially have worse consequences.

"What are your orders, Sir?" asked the helmsman.

"Drop the cloak, and send a message to the Coalition explaining our presence. In the meantime, keep trying to get a hold of the Chimerosu."

A moment later, the Vathorin vessel became fully visible to all present. After another moment, Logov's ship received the following transmission:

This is the CV Hadrin of the nation of Daro of the Confederacy of Vathoris contacting the Jorro'kil vessel. We are on a scouting mission when our sensors picked up the Chimerosu vessel around which we have all gathered. We're here to investigate, and search for potential survivors.
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Re: Something Old, Something New - IC

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