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Location: The Flagship, The Fifth.
Time: Unknown.


Silent screams surrounding a kneeling and dishonored Cither, bending it's knee before the mad justice of the crowd around him. Upon the distance it can't be seen anything but Citheres that stare with hatred the same individual, shouting in rage.

While this man remains with both knees on the ground.

A sword approaches towards the Cither's neck from behind, the edge of the shape coming quickly but doesn't pass through. Instead, it cease the movement to rest on the surface, accommodating the edge according to the blow.

"A'lak to reth..." (There is no choice...) the deep voice replies from within this dammed soul whose body no longer answers to him but the duty and the judgement for which he self sentenced. A tired glance, turns slowly back to the carried of the sentence, the one who swings the sword.

"Elect to reth..." (There is always a choice) answers when both gazes meet, a pause so fast in perspective, but at the time to deliver the dead blow every second takes an eternity, such an eternity. For them, this conversation took decades if not millenniums, just right after any of them could react.

The damned one so replies, "K'o, K'o terret" (No, not this time) and the sword so raise, the screaming grow, the noises break free and the end comes.


Location: Pomterus, Caelum's moon
Time: 10 years before.
Translating to common language.

As fast as the blink of any organic eye, fast enough to disrupt the image we were witnessing in such far future. A blink owner of our perspective, it's eyes watching us, watching the future... maybe not as clear as we do watch the past.

Su'th, the bastard, Warden; that is his name. As he walks down the hall of seven realms of Caelum, moving right towards the Throne of the Energy, feeling the lack of air thank to whatever steam is floating around, the absence of light with exception of how many holes there are on the walls, passing through the tattered banners that are still holding to a ceiling which end can't be seen for whatever is at the top beside the darkness.

Su'th does takes his time, staring at that darkness while his feet remains steady over the wrecked floor; blood, rocks and bones where ever you can step on. As his nose, made of indigo flakes, reacting to what it breathes; his eyes closing from the sides while his feathers wiggle before a rush of blizzard that comes from the holes, yet little to make any difference in the inside.

A new entity reaches Su'th, another Cither, "Brother, the Wardens are awaiting us..." his face is unknown to us, it doesn't look like anyone we seen before for every current Cither wears a mask now.

"Aye..." Su'th replies without returning his gaze to the one next to him as he continues moving, "Did you know that, in this planet, the winter turns the sky blue?" his brother keeps staring at Su'th like if he said some strange thing, "Of course not, you were to eager to reduce the rebellion to admire such thing."

"I'm afraid my duty kept me busy, despite of whatever idea you have of me." his brother answered as Su'th stops dry before a wrecked tall door, his hand cross the entrance to deny the pass temporarily, "What is it?"

"Oh nothing, I simply enjoying the view." Su'th answers once again with humor on his tone, "Brother, you are becoming more and more like a Warden, did you know that?"

"Isn't that our destiny?" The brother adds interrupting Su'th is statement, "To become one with the Order?" Su'th does nothing but stare at him. His hand, once avoiding the advance, moves away to reach his brother's shoulder while his brother's eyes follow the trace of his hand, reaching him and holding him, adding nothing more but a brief yet slow nod.

Once inside the next room, all the Lords holding different banners remain close to a half moon table, one of the banners at the top of the moon can be seen clearly, an A with the half moon crossing it in the middle. The Lord in front of it speaks, "In the name of the Void, what is the meaning of this?" he takes something from the table and throws it to Su'th and his brother's feet, a message like a scroll opens underneath.

"I'm not quite an experienced investigator, sir, but if I have to guess-" Su'th says as he takes a quick look, without taking up the scroll from the ground.

"Shut up, bastard, I am not in the mood for your jokes..." he eyes towards Su'th, dismissing him with his hand then looks back to his brother, "Read it..."

Su'th's brother bends and catches the scroll on both of the edges as he reads word by word clear enough for everyone to hear, "I, Lord Davos from the high hills of Petrovers, second of my name and commander of the first legion of the Grand Warden..." he reads some words for himself and looks back to the man in front of him, "Lord Davos, this means treason..."

"Get on your senses, boy! Someone has been forging letters with my seal and my letter!" Lord Davos, the man in front the banner replies as the rest of the Lords start to speak to each other, never the less, Su'th lets go a snort, "What are you mocking about?"

He shakes his head for a moment, "What a bloody liar you turned out to be, sir Davos." he speaks almost underneath his breath, "What else are you going to implement? That some maiden came to your room at night against your will, took your seal, wrote a letter and get away with it?"

Lord Davos hits the table lost in madness, "How dare you, bastard, to question my honor?"

Su'th shakes his head lightly as to draw off an idea from his mind, "Questioning?" he repeats, "I am not questioning your honor, Sir Davos, I am denying it's existence..."

Lord Davos pulls a sword from the left of his belt jumping over the table ending at the other side, preparing to attack Su'th when his brother stood beside him, using his own weapon to reflect his attack and disarm him. Before Davos could take the dagger stock on his chest, ready to strike again, another presence shows on the room and every lord bents the knee.

"Warden, The Fifth." one of the Elders speaks as a Cither wearing a heavy white armor with a golden cloak, "From Castle Rodorok" he enters from the same door Su'th and his brother came, while his brother knee with the rest Su'th remains standing.

The Fifth approaches to Su'th without taking away his gaze from him though Su'th blinks as he says, "Father."

"What do you want, Suth?" he asks with discredit to his presence, indifferent to him while he moves towards the table and turns to face him once again.

Every Lord raise again before Su'th replies back, "Why everyone think I want something? Can't I just visit my benevolent father?" asks with a tone of sarcasm like the one he kept from the very start. After a moment of silence, Su'th continues, "I came for a rumors of treason..."

"I am well aware of the performance of Lord Davos which acted on my behalf and my name." he states, "Why are you here?" he asks once more though leaving no space for Su'th to reply, "You came for Lord Davos's position for what little you resume with this discovery, isn't that right? You knew that a message would be found on this hall for our soldiers to collect and set Lord Davos in a trial he might not have any defense to pursue." he makes another space as he walks from side to side, "Hence your quick arrival and almost correct judgement, implying that Sir Davos would face you in combat, but your brother stood before you, disarmed him and retrain him from further violence." Su'th's brother glances back at him, hoping Fifth's suspicious weren't true, "I must say I am impress of your ability, bastard, but next time leave your brother out of your next deception..."

When Fifth turns back to sit down in the throne of the Warden of the Castle, Su'th dares to speak, "Too bad, I was hoping to make him the centerpiece of my next deception."

His brother moves away from him for a moment, but the Fifth does however comments, "Then hear me out, bastard of no lands or rights. The Grand Warden has given me a task for you, knowing you may be here." he express with a heavier tone, "I charge you to bring the Void's justice to the false Lord Davos Clenger'th." Su'th looks back at him, as he remains on the ground, defeated by the display of Su'th's brother, "I denounce him and attain him. I stripe him of all ranks and title, lands and holdings; and I sentence him to die." The Fifth takes seat and continues, "Go on. Do your duty..."

Su'th remains quiet for a moment before pull his sword out from shelter, charging his blow from behind his back ready to cut down Lord Davos down, but then something pulls him back. Every single cell on his body restraining him from killing. Davos gaze Su'th with pure indifference as he accepts his death, until he is capable to see through Su'th's eyes and meet his paralyzed state, snorting upon the fact, "Pathetic..." Su'th's hand trembles and his eyes shiver on the idea.

A second blade shows killing Lord Davos on a quick thrust, Su'th's brother ensured to end Davos's life before he could react to the undecided of Su'th's actions and his lack of resolve. Once the blow was delivered, Su'th brother cleaned his blade on Davo's corpse before raising on his feet and exchange his glance with Fifth.

"Without resolve, perception or even an essence of devotion to the cause..." The Fifth replies shaking his head in disappointment, "Everyone, leave." Lords and Elders marched out from the hall but before Su'th brother walks his way out, Fifth stops him, "You shall stay, young one. You are involve in this conversation thanks to your brother's deception and disappointment."

He nods without questioning Fifth judgment while Su'th does not agrees, "Why?"

"You are but a mistake of the Energy, Bastard, and your brother the one who must carry the burden of your miserable existence..." Fifth states, "I wonder how long will it take for him to finally release himself from you." Su'th brother looks aside as he doesn't answers to that, not denying or accepting that fate, "For that reason, I will send you both to the exile of the seventy moon on the planet Ferrod'ah, and there you shall remain."

Su'th's eyes open wide and steps in to interrupt, "That is hostile territory of t-"

"In the name of the Grand Warden's will, I-" Fifth continues assuring the task on both of them like a vow.

But Su'th, whose personality forever stood stubborn to traditions, ranks and religions, kneels before Fifth and starts to beg, "In due so consequence, then send me there alone, Warden." the silence dominates the room as he closes his eyes tight , forcing it to keep them shut, gazing the floor.

"-I, sent you both to that path until you gain the required renown to come back. Fail..." he makes a slow pause while Su'th moves to meet Fifth's glance, "and do not attempt to come back."

Su'th moves from his submitting posture to fight Fifth but his brother reaches him to a stop, meanwhile Fifth remains sitting on his new throne without moving another single finger. Eyes behind his visor staring down him, in silence, as the both of them walked away.


Location: Planet Ferrod'ah's Orbit

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The ship was arriving to the near Orbit of Ferrod'ah, crossing it on direction towards the left standing moon. It's engines lower the power so it was not detected by radar, twitching and sparking as the power seemed to brutally being taken from most of the input and outputs that direct such energy.

Meanwhile, within the ship Su'th and his brother were sitting near by each other, on some old metal-create without destiny or need, as prisoners in a cargo bay. The both have their weapons with them as they accepted their fate as it's the custom.

Su'th raises his gaze upon his brother for a brief moment before looking back the ground, "Why aren't we there yet?" asks for himself yet inviting his brother to answer if he so desires. The Bastard couldn't just leave his own pondering left unheard as he stands up and reaches for the nearest intercom and continues to ask relentless until the point nothing but static was left, "-Damn them, all of them and their damn laws."

"Those are our laws too, brother" Su'th's brother finally answers before his acting as if he was assembling the right words, "-Our vows..."

"Your vows, you mean..." Su'th replies as he turned to face his own brother whose gaze remains unmoved from the ground, "I, due to those law, considered a bastard of no honor..."

"Honor is forged not gifted away..." his brother discuses it as he moves to face Su'th. The ship shakes as a sudden hit but none moved away their glance or statement, careless.

Su'th nods sarcastically as he crosses his arms, "If that was true, you would be in my place..."

"You speak of this as if you don't remember what you done..." both of them shut their mouths at the mention of an old memory of them, "The age of the darkness times, when two squalling houses rebel against the Grand Warden's judgement."

"The Grand Bastard..." Su'th adds as there is no word for madness in their language.

His brother nods with him, tilting his head to a side, "-and whose sword swung in darkness? Which armor tainted itself in his blood?" Su'th raises his glance, while his brother shakes his head on disagreement, "I never asked why you done it. What was the command he gave you to betray your oaths and became a Bastard..."

Su'th smirks and sits down again on the cold metal-crate and answers on the way, "Oh it's a very, very, personal story which I enjoy to keep it for myself." he quips in a joyful way, showing levity.

Two guards get inside the cargo bay with another four people that weren't wearing the military costume but ragged cloths and rusty piece of armors. They all seem to be here for the same reason until Su'th's brother moved to the guards and turned back to Su'th, "My people and I reached an agreement with the rebels, Su'th." he reveals his plan to him, "With you out of my way, brother, I will return to our father, the Fifth, in order to regain my lordship. I will confirm I am no longer vow to our lineage of blood and denounce you of my protection."

Pure silence was left while Su'th looked at every single Cither in the room, thinking. He managed to say something at the end, "Brother, now you indeed impressed me. I thought you never go down this path..." he giggles as he quips, "The honorable first son of the Warden Fifth, now look at you."

The brother moves away from Su'th's voice reach, moving out of his sight. The guards went away with him. Time pass for a moment or two and a second ship flied away from this transport vessel. Leaving Su'th and the four rebels.

One of rebels, what looks like their leader, makes a step forward as he stares at Su'th, "Name..."

Su'th blinks as he puts his hand near his blade, yet none of the rebels cared. Such reaction made him reconsider it's question, "My name is Su'th Warden, the bastard of House Warden at Pentum's hill."

"How do you wish to die, Su'th of House Warden?" the rebel asks taking his blade out and the other three preparing themselves for the slaughter.

Su'th trembles for a moment, as the cold voice of the rebel almost reaches the bottom of his heart but that didn't stop him from being a sarcastic Bastard, "On my bed... at the age of 230? Maybe drinking myself to death..."

All the rebels start to laugh and so does Su'th after he notice of the effect of his joke. But the leader takes his blunt weapon and knocks him out of combat, "Aye... not gonna die like that." he turns towards his comrades, "To the pits..."

"Aye" they all said.


Location: Caelum, Pentum's hill.

A hall full of noble people wearing blue, gold and red cloaks that cover their body entirely, armor transformed into jewelry and glamour rather for combat and war while a more distinguish fight goes through the shadows of the hall. Whispers, rumors and plotting happening as everyone questions everybody but in silence, fake smiles and lying eyes.

The great gates, adorned with thousands of symbols that addressed each of them a House and a Story, opens by the strength of four Citheres, allowing the pass of ten soldiers wearing heavy armor clashing against each piece of metal, and the symbol of House Warden on their chest. A Warden, Fifth, on the head of the line.

There was no greater silence in the hall when Fifth entered and approached to the Throne of the Void which Grand Warden was sitting on. Beside him, the first Warden from House Tyran, the second from House Orh'tha, the Third of House Bera'tak and The fourth of House Gor.

Fifth reaches the end of the hall, right before reaching the stairs that leads him to the High Council and the moon-table where the thrones are and only for the Warden's step. Once Fifth stands before the moon-table and the Grand Warden watches him as he remains static, paralyzed.

"In the name of the House Warden, I, Fifth Warden of the Void, present myself as vassal of the realm." Fifth bends the knee, "The Planet Lyzarro of our solar system, is yours. The rebellion has been neutralize."

"Good..." The Grand Warden speaks, "You do however took your time, Fifth. Or should I call you, Sir Rhodorok Warden?" Fifth raises slowly tilting his head, "A true Warden answers in the name of the Realm, yet you stayed on your home-world to deal whose matters?"

"There was nothing better or greater that I wished more than fight under your banner, Grand Warden, but without a planet nor my people under control, my sword wouldn't be enough for your cause..." Fifth answers on his behalf.

"And who is suppose to determinate what is enough, Fifth?" The First asks skeptical, "The Grand Warden or yourself?" The Grand Warden haven't moved his glance over him.

"If..." he takes a moment to reconsider, "If our protector so choose to banish me and my banner and denounce my rights, so be it, but I wish to fight nonetheless." Fifth answers once again.

"Let be done with it, then." Grand Warden spoke, "Without Lord Davos alive to serve my commands, you, Fifth, wil have to find a suitable leader of the first legion under my name. Until that matter is resolve..." Grand Warden stands up and every single Warden with him, "I charge you with that task, naming you Commander of the army of the Realm."

"A duty I shall oversee without delay." Fifth bows as every single Warden remains curious of the true reason for Lord Davos's death and the denouncing.

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Location: Ferrod'ah's planet, unknown region.

Ferrod'ah was a planet whose temperature changed quickly upon the star's will, it's ground was always full of sand and old wrecked columns of other species that step on this planet long ago. It's civilization buried in the sand of it's aged planet. What little flora and fauna it had was lethal and scant.

The only magnificent of it's planet was it's only five mountains which tip was a diamond polished by the strong winds and sand storms. Such a bright and powerful image that opaques the rest of the beauty such as the dawn or a sunset, or the end of times.

But neither of all of this known things by the locals were captured by Su'th as he had it's head covered with a dark bag of fabric and thrown to a dark cell which only sounds were the fear, sweat and screaming crowd that asked for enjoyment, for blood. The blend of mud and blood, sweat and piss was the only thing Su'th was capable to register on his knees, along with the sound of around eight or ten other slaves, probably blind like himself.

As Su'th pants to recover his breath, the crowd starts to low it's demands while a new voice, a more loud and clear voice, announces a new event which Su'th can't completely hear. "On the name of our glorious Grand Warden which we all pray for her rightful claim to be heard while Caelum defends the usurper, Grand Warden Thara'Rok!." a brief silence, "Hear hear! On the lost lands of the West of Ferrod'ah..." the announcer continues to tell the story of a 'glorious' battle on the planet.

Su'th would try to hear when someone attracts his attention with a blunt hit with what seemed to be an elbow, an slave who was kneeling on the mud with him. This one speaks, "Hey, why are you here?"

Su'th moves slightly his head as trying to have a look to the slave but he is incapable by the bag and his hands tied behind him, "For the spectacle, of course, what else?" answers Su'th with sarcasm.

"Aye, me too. But they were out of seat on the balcony. A bloody shame." the prisoner quips along with Su'th as he manages to share a slightly grin along with a nervous laugh, another quick silence occupies the absence of chitchat until the slave continues commenting, "They say that the champion will be given a great mass of metal..." metal was the common money in their economy system, iron, steel, copper, Cither glass (which looks and acts alike titanium with the property of being transparent ) ect; "I thought I could use it to buy a ship, something to drink, eat and maybe live in some cave... what about you?"

"I am alright with knowing where I am." Su'th quips as he nods for himself, "Did I hear a Grand Warden of some sort?"

"You are an outsider then, good, I thought I was the only bloody idiot." the slave does comment of Su'th is reaction and answers to his question, "Aye, Elys from Caelum, the iron island. The naive girl believes that her claim would change anything. Now she arranged a betrothal with the Lord of this city thinking she would have some kind of support for her rebellion." the slave issues a snort, "While her spouse drinks, eats and laughs in pure joy as we fight to death."

Su'th started to scheme the idea and the situation of politics here as he thought of a way to get away, after all he is a master of deception. However, alone, he couldn't do much. He needed someone to count with, "Hey, whats your name?"

"No names, it's easier to kill each other that way..." the slave replies.

"What? I thought we were being civilize.." Su'th answers quickly before him.

"Civilize, a fancy word for a slave." the prisoner answers, "and for a sell-sword."

"That is you, isn't it? a sell sword. From where?" Su'th continues to ask questions on his way of making a 'friend'.

"Call me Shet, outsider, from no one cares..." Shet replies as the announcer finished his speech, "Hope you are ready for a fight."

"Listen to me, Shet, I have a plan to-" a guard shows on and grabs Su'th from under his shoulder, raising him on his feet and hitting him to the point he shuts his mouth.

"No more talk. Prepare to die on the pit!" a brute speaks up while the guards starts to pull the prisoners towards the gates of iron, that separates the light of the hole called "The Pit" and the underground cells.

Once reaching the gate itself, the both pair of iron open in unison, letting a sharp edge of light open alike an arc growing longer and stronger, it's heat assuring Su'th that he was now outside. The smell of blood became stronger and the piss disappeared from the blend.

The bags were removed and the things locking their hands as well. Free from all restrictions, Su'th wandered on the pit with his eyes eager to witness it all. The sand and the walls of the pit was not the only thing to presence, but various amount of swords, axes, spears and lances that pierce the ground ready to be taken and used against the each other.

Su'th rushes out from the slaves towards a sword while he sees one of the prisoners moving to the iron gates, trying to escape. A weapon of some sort catches him on the way from the inside of the cells before he can even make it to the shadows of the inside. The gates closes and the fight begins.

Su'th stares with quiet questionable doubt of what to do, lowering his head. The slaves pick weapons and start to battle. More slaves come from the other edge of the pit, another ten fighting for their life. And the only thing Su'th was capable to do, was to shout, "Shet!"


Location: Fifth's personal vessel, on the borders of Caelum's solar system. The Barathon, a dreadnought.

Three Citheres start to walk down a hallway, which stairs on the sides gives people the possibility to reach the panels from where the Crew works to control the state of the ship.

Two of the three were wearing Vanguard's cloths and armor, one of the four great armor Citheres ever made. While the one in the middle was Su'th's brother approaching at the end of the bridge where lays the throne commander where Fifth was sitting.

"Fifth." the young one says, "I came to rejoin you."

Fifth stares at him for a long period of time before he replies him with a very cynical voice, "So I see, without your brother beside you."

"Indeed" Su'th brother nods in agreement as he kneels, "I am your second son, born under your title and guardianship, tough me the history of our house. This is what I pledged myself to follow. My bastard brother may be older and may have my blood, but he has to walk his own path now."

Fifth stands up clapping his hands together, "You done a great deed. You may have now the honor to be by my side, Lord Thande Warden of Pentum's hill, son of mine and the ancient and first house Warden."

Thande Warden, brother of Su'th Warden. Here he raise.


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Location: Ferrod'ah's planet, The Pit.

Su'th stumbles with his retreat while two sharp blades move too quickly to flow with the sight, cutting the air he was breathing but nothing more, not close enough to reach his skin or flakes that cover his nose.

Su'th, incapable to fight for whatever reason, his heart beating in opposite direction, every cell on his body pulling him back even if skilled on the blade art. Images of the past troubles him to even be able to bear the idea of killing, images of blood and betray, images of the memory of his mother and a slithering dagger that pierce deeply.

But before the slave would reach Su'th on his berserk attitude, moving his swords wildly until a third sword of no owner appears from within the slave's chest, pouring blood out from the inside until the body falls forward, hands still locked on the handles of the two weapons that now lay on the sand, useless. A new shadow forming in front of Su'th, clustering the sun on it's back.

"A slave that doesn't know how to fight..." the shadow said, a male's voice as he gave his hand to raise him up, "Can you be any more humorous?"

"Shet?" Su'th replies without breath, patting and reaching Shet's hand as he stands up, "I- I have a plan."

"Does your plan has anything to do with corning yourself and shout my name?" He chuckles as he prepares his guard for any other slave that comes for him, yet none appear to be aware of his presence, not even the crowd that is more attended by the show on the center of The Pit.

"What are you going to do once you win the tournament?" Su'th replies as he picks up the sword he let go by fear, "Lets be optimist, saying you would win and you get your reward, soon enough the war will consume the frontiers. The Knights of the Void will stop you and oblige you to remain in the solar system." Shet's attention gets captured for a slight second before he returns his glance towards the pit, "I know people, even better I know how to talk with the nobles of Pentum's hill. Stand by my side and I will reward you."

"You do have a silver tongue like those bastard gold cloaks..." Shet replies back to him sarcasm but acceptance at the same time, "You are funny, stand behind me."

Shet was a skilled warrior but not of the honorable kind. His combat style lays on the side of tricks, lies, blinding his enemies or using any object on his surroundings to achieve victory and Su'th found interest on his way of fighting, not as he liked it but it was near to his own deceitful personality.

Once the battle was over and only Shet and Su'th remained in the center of The Pit, the crowd was insisting to see more blood. A perfect for moment for Shet to mutter, "Now... what was your brilliant?"

"I guess... do nothing" Su'th answers as he searches in the balcony the nobles's throne to presence the fight which didn't take long.

The Lord who was witnessing the fight, on his very fat belly and his mouth still full with food ordered, "What are you two waiting for? A bloody ceremony?" A woman, wearing a metal mask which was custom of Pentum's hill, Su'th realize that Cithera, watching from the sidelines, was the righteous Grand Warden.

"What was the name of the Grand Warden?" Su'th asked as he thought for a line.

"Ellys, I think." Shet quip and Su'th glanced back to him, "Maybe Elliarah'Thun. How do you expect me to remember that."

Su'th moves towards the balncony's direction as he knees piercing his sword on the sand. The Iron gates of each edge of The Pit opens with the guards, ready to force the last two slaves to kill each other, but even Lady Ellys raised when she presences such humble act, "My lady Elliarah'Thun from Pentum's hill, righteous Grand Warden of The Knights of the Void. I humbly pray that you let me and my friend live."

The Cithera makes a step forward, ignoring her company, "I can let him live, he is a illusive warrior but you." she makes a pause as she stares Su'th down, "On the arena you showed cowardice. I find no reason to let you live."

"My lady, you may keep me for who I am." Su'th raises with his sword still on his hand, the woman ponders for a moment and so does the crowd, "I am Lord Su'th of the Ancient House Warden, first bastard born of Fifth, Knight of the Void and protector of the true realm..." Su'th takes a sigh, hoping what he says hasn't fall into deaf ears the moment he revealed his identity, "And that realm is in danger without you counsel, my Lady."

Everyone starts to scream, mostly just the crowd as they care little of what nobles business, coming here for the sport and blood. Although Ellys had a different idea altogether, "Lord Su'th, a bastard; you came here on what gain?"

Su'th looks at Shet and tells him to come closer, even though Shet showed Su'th some doubts to whether or not continue with his plan, Su'th addressed him, "I want to be honest, my Lady, we didn't came here asking for riches or glory. In fact, we came for a greater prize." Su'th looks back to Shet and then returns to Ellys, "We wish to fight by your side."

The fat Lord snorts and raise his left hand, "Guards! Finish the job."

The Lady stops the Lord and raise her voice over his, "Guards." Everyone went silence by the exception of some whispers, "Bring them to my hall..."


Location: Borderlands between both Solar system (Caelum , Ferrod'ah), The Fifth's fleet.

The Dreadnought of Fifth was large and vast on energy and fire power, as for Cithera'nos that would stand by his side.

While the bridge was being abandoned of the vassals of House Wardens, all the Sirs, Lords and Elders, moving out by the main gate. While Thande Warden moves on the opposite direction to meet his father, The Fifth, though Thande seemed surprise by the unnoticed meeting.

When everyone left the bridge and the throne, Thande dared to ask, "Why I wasn't inform of the meeting?" Fifth remained sitting on his throne while his piercing glance was over Thande.

"There was no point to give your mind words of no use." Fifth replies with his heavy voice, tired yet deep and strong, "And I shall restrain myself to explanations."

Thande keeps his claims and questions; and kneels, "What are your orders then, my Lord Marshal."

"As Marshal of this civil war and leader of first legion, I must as well attend lower concerns as Warden of my House." He stands up and takes out a second sword from his belt. "Thande Warden, are you ready to take your votes and join the sacred order of The Knights of the Void?"

Thande raises his eyes over his knee, staring, impressed, glorified, "I am."

"A knight of the Void must swear loyalty, not to a House, not to a Lord, Elder or Warden; but to every single sensitive essence that exist on the vast darkness, obligated to be ignorant and afraid of the only true." Fifth moves towards Thande as he takes out his sword and lets it's sharp edge rest on his shoulder as he continues, "Your oath means nothing for any of us. It gives you honor, no glory, no right over anything or anyone. Thande Warden of House Warden will now become one thing, and one thing only; a servant of the Void's law and justice. Unbreakable vows you have taken for not even death shall separate you from your duty." Once the sword passed above Thande's head, Fifth thrust the blade on the floor and express, "For a hundreds of generations our Order kept the justice on Caelum and beyond, you, as your brothers, are charged to keep this justice over the universe, matters not the race, the civilization, language or culture. Raise Knight."

Thande does moves slowly as his hands takes grip over the new sword and pulls it out, then glance back to Fifth, "There must be a reason for this changes..."

"There is." Fifth nods again as he hides his hands on his back, "You will be sent to find your bastard brother, Su'th. You will be given 100 soldiers, a crew and cruiser to achieve your duty. Accomplish this, and all I give you for this task will be yours for the rest of times. It's the will of the Void that your brother has a second chance."

"If it is the will of the Void-" Thande inquired lightly but such questioning lasted moments.

"It is." interrupted in a quick and clear of suspicious statement while Fifth does only sit back on his throne, waiting for his plan to flourish.

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