Behind the Lines IC: Once upon a midnight dreary...

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Re: Behind the Lines IC: Once upon a midnight dreary...

Post by God-mod on Sat Oct 13, 2012 10:09 pm

Some of the soldiers began to charge towards the point where the shots were being fired from, having noticed the fact that the kind of ammunition was consistent and that it was an, to say the least, uncommon substance. That, and the fact that there was originally more rapid fire of varying ammunition types alerted them, eventually, to the fact that there could only be one person firing. And that, drew them to the none to impressive conclusion that... *gasp* the rest of their targets were or already had, gotten away, under the cover fire of one member of their group.
This fact enraged the solders, (and commanders and other ranks that I have not been informed of.) who, doubled their efforts to push through the reign of fire, and now that they had identified the single source, some of them split off at the sides, circling around to attempt to ambush their target from behind.
(Maxx, if you want to have Krius or his goons capture Exo, go ahead. It could spark an interesting turn of events.)
Exo wheeled around as the first of the soldiers struck from behind, not that it had been surprised by this, it was just unable to prevent it, being only one person, did have its disadvantages. It reached for its microwave gun, hoping it was now functional again, since it couldn't use the cesium pellet gun at close quarters for obvious reasons. It pointed it at the closest of the soldiers and pulled the trigger, there was a click and... nothing. The gun was completely frappered.

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Re: Behind the Lines IC: Once upon a midnight dreary...

Post by Whos on Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:47 pm

Xo'Kam ducked around the alleyway which Exo suggested for Cover, and deactivated his Energy Sword, but still kept the hilt in-hand.

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Re: Behind the Lines IC: Once upon a midnight dreary...

Post by Luxembourgish on Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:19 pm

A SaytanBalik warrior charged into the alley. A loud bang was heard, and the warrior tripped and fell. Smoke rose from the alien's neck, and behind him stood Vise, stabbing another soldier in the neck. A bullet wound could be seen on his leg and tail. which was taking a toll on his stamina. Panting. he knocked another soldier down and stabbed the body. He picked up his gun and backed into the alley. "Gh... I got left behind there. Myre? Exo? Are you alright?" He asked.

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Re: Behind the Lines IC: Once upon a midnight dreary...

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