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The Xikarian Empire

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The Xikarian Empire Empty The Xikarian Empire

Post by Luxembourgish Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:26 pm


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Creator: StheT

Race: Xikarian

Picture of Creature:  

Empire Name: The Xikarian Empire, but they are sometimes reffered to as "The League of Captains and Empires," or the LCE. The Xikarians are the leaders of the LCE group.

Homeworld: Norcius

Coordinates: 4th Arm, right under the four. That's really where they are in my Spore Galaxy.

Property: Eden (Wildlife reserve); Brady; Vat Carcol. These are only the most well-known.

Sporecast: The Xikarian Sporecast.

Archetype: The Xikarian Race is Currently Shaman, but are about to be upgraded to Scientists. They were fighting for the protection of others since the Lega Empire (Dead, now) interfeared with their expansion.

Philosophy: Xikarians love peace and life, and fight to protect it. Once scientists, the Xikarians will fight harder. Their current Shaman life doesn't suit them well.

Culture: None.

History: Xikarians were religious until the Space Stage. They believed in a Fire, thousands of years old. Even the chiefs. But one day, the Current Xikarian Lord found out the secret, and used it to control his own people. Until a band of Xikarians decided that they had enough. The leaders of this team were named Tilus and Zigwin. They worked to free their race, and finally, Tilus slayed the evil lord. He himself became Lord, and led his race to many victories. Then, the Space Stage arrived. Tilus continued leading his race, but with Captain Zigwin Achova the Legandary by his side. Together, they founded the LCE. They made many alliences, their biggest with the Tinorphian Race. But the Xikarian's reighn begins a new story. In a war they call the Haze Age. They faught alongside the Tinorphians and destroyed the dictator Golgoxian "President of Lords" Nowadays, the Golgoxians are back to normal, but a new war will begin. This one.

Style: Xikarians stay to the sides of Allied forces and specialize in sneak attacks. But alone, the Less experianced pilots fly in the middle of the fleet, surrounded by more experianced pilots. Their B-6 Ultranovas tend to be faster, but the ZX-7 Hypernova hold more firepower.

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The Xikarian Empire Empty Re: The Xikarian Empire

Post by Whos Mon Aug 15, 2016 4:25 pm

Prussian what is this.

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