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The Vassal of the Kongaa

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The Vassal of the Kongaa Empty The Vassal of the Kongaa

Post by Luxembourgish Tue Apr 22, 2014 6:44 pm

I present the Vassal of the Kongaa, an empire which could definitely be used for comic relief, but also actually has a role in the story.
This still has some things that I would like to edit, so there will be changes int he future.

Empire Name: Vassal of the Kongaa

Creator: ThePrussianCompy

Species Name: Etreyos Etreyos Taiang (Commonly shortened to Taiang)

Homeworld: Ekkerak

Size: A relatively small empire, the Vassal of the Kongaa spans just three solar systems: Os, Dos, and Sos. The Taiang inhabit six planets. The list from highest to lowest population: Ekkerak, Diir, Osdus, Karumm, Daal, and Kaonosta.

Biology: Taiangs are long, snakelike beings, slightly dinosaur-like. The head is roughly in the shape of a bird's beak, though very thin. Taiangs have no eyes, but instead have light-sensitive patches of skin on their faces. They're only able to see in grayscale, unfortunately, due to this.

The neck is very long, about three feet. However, it's always "folded" in a C shape, shortening the height of your average Taiang somewhat. Speaking of height, Taiangs measure five feet at the shoulder.
The chest is rather strange, in that all of its bones are hollow and somewhat weak. The organs inside are tightly packed, making for a second "barrier" to protect the heart. The arms are also wings, but it's hard to tell at a glance.

The Taiang have seven fingers, four of which are for supporting the wing membrane (not unlike Pterosaurs), and the other three for grasping. The wingspan of your average Taiang is an impressive fourteen feet, including the longest wing finger. The arms themselves are only three feet, whereas the longest wing finger is eleven feet. The wing fingers are folded up against the arms when not in use, making long crests on the arms, much taller than the body itself.

The stomach is much thinner than the heavily muscled chest, which contains 80% of the organs. The stomach area is primarily used for extra wing muscles and digestion.
The legs have two joints, not unlike Vil-Nolwikkans. It is clear that these legs are made for sprinting, either during liftoffs or otherwise. The feet have seven toes; five toes on the front, for running, and two toes carried above the ground used for battles.
The tail is some five feet long, used purely for support in flight. It also carries feather-like structures, colored according to the skin color of that particular Taiang.
The skin is usually very colorful, ranging from dark shades of blue to yellow to red to green to purple to black. It is also very rough and scaly (though no Taiang is really covered in scales).
Taiang have no gender; reproduction is done asexually.
The brain of a Taiang is not as complex as many others’ while the brain does its job, a Taiang’s logic is limited. They are not incredibly smart, but smart enough to create a civilization without too much help from the Kongaa.

Religion: The Vassal’s official religion is “Utakongaa,” in which the Taiang worship a god known as none other than the Kongaa. Ninety percent of the citizens of the Vassal worship the Kongaa… zealously.
Coincidentally, the Nolwikkian word for Archlord is “Kongaa.”

History: The Vassal’s history is very unclear; much of what its citizens are told is lies. Taiang history books are filled with stories about needless wars and death, actually too much to bother listing.

The wars were supposedly stopped by an occurrence dubbed “The Purge,” where the Kongaa descended from the heavens gracefully. The Kongaa told the warring Taiang to work together, and not fight against each other, but all that is evil. The Taiang, being the gullible beings that they are, believed all of it.

What really happened is a lot stranger. Unbeknownst to any Taiang, including the leaders of the Vassal, is that the Eretreyos Eretreyos Taiang means, in Nolwikkian, "One Hundredth Experiment."
The Taiang were created in 50,012, when the magic of genetic engineering was just being discovered by Nolwikkans (This was before the Vil-Nolwikkan Greater Dominion was formed, mind you). A rather ambitious project began, in order to create a new artificially engineered species. After many decades, something came from it: "Cintos Os Taiang," the Fifty-first experiment. It looked vaguely like a Taiang, and the scientists were pleased. The C'os Signalatos Taiang (the ninety-eighth experiment) was dropped off on a nearby planet known as Ekkerak, and were left alone (except for the times when they were edited by scientists, "upgraded" into the C'os C'os Taiang and the Eretreyos Eretreyos Taiang).

About a thousand years later, on 51,687 (with much help from the "Kongaa"), the Taiang were space faring and beginning to colonize the universe. The "Kongaa" is very interested in having them assist him in cleansing the universe...

Culture: Taiang are actually quite peaceful for an empire created by the Vil-Nolwikkans. They are friendly to other alien species and love tourists (the only "tourists" they get are Vil-Nolwikkan scientists).
Taiang are carnivores, so of course they eat flesh. They usually eat said flesh about once every two days. They usually don’t drink water, unless they’re incredibly dehydrated; they usually get their daily dose of water from their food.
Taiang clothing is usually woven from tree-like plants, kind of like what you’d expect on a woven basket.
They are big fans of Nolwikkan music (being a mindless proxy empire).

Military: The Military of the Vassal Is quite small; of the nine billion Taiang in the entire nation, There is only 500,000 in the entire military. However, this military is quite volatile.

Most soldiers are capable of flight, save for the Taiang version of Dark Barbarians (The Nolwikkans shared much of their battle weapons and strategies with their creations). Any Vehicles, save for space and water vehicles, seem to be rendered obsolete by the unorganized mass that is a Taiang army. Of course, their armor can’t protect them from a tank shell.
Simply said, The Military of the Vassal is incredibly weak and the Archlord considers it a shame.

Government: The Vassal of the Kongaa is a theocracy. Instead of being led by a king, queen, or emperor, they are led by a “Messiah.” The Messiah is apparently chosen by the Kongaa. The message is apparently received by assistants of the Messiah, Prophets, who sit around a shrine and await word from the Kongaa. In reality, they decide it themselves. They’re part of the few atheistic Taiang, who really know what’s happening.

Strategies/Tactics: Still rather inexperienced in battle, an average Taiang army is an unorganized writhing mass of warriors, who then run into battle and kill anything that looks like an enemy. It was highly successful in battle against other Taiang, but definitely not useful against any others.

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