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For the Glory of Rynatoo!

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For the Glory of Rynatoo! Empty For the Glory of Rynatoo!

Post by CaptainRyRy on Fri Jun 13, 2014 5:09 pm

Empire Name: The Impirrenship of Rynatoo

Creator: Yours truly, Impirren RyRy the Greatest Ever XI

Species Name: Ryraptor Sotonius

Homeworld: Dunaron

Size: Okay, I saw the 15 star limit, and I know that I am technically starting over, but can I have 22 stars because I have been here before?

For the Glory of Rynatoo! Drawing_request__rileysoto__spore__by_grindartstone-d570afc

Religion: Reformed Reatrism

History: When the Rynainites first settled the Runain River Valley, their population was about eight thousand Ryraptors. Slowly they assimilated the nearby nomads and had them settle near their village. After about a thousand years the villages merged into Rynatoo. Even today it is the biggest urban area in the Impirrenship, with the Impirren ruling the new city-state. Many great generals rose around 1300 RY to conquer most of the Itcian peninsula. Then the biggest nation on Dunaron they entered a period of rebellion that turned into the Warring States period of the 25th century RY. But the Impirren still controlled the powerhouse that was Rynatoo. It was during this time that Rynatooan technology advanced far beyond that of the other states. With repeating crossbows and small explosives, Impirren RyRy XI re-conquered Itcia. The administration problems went away with the advent of Utaraptor riding. Here Rynatoo was renamed Rylonia in honor of RyRy.

With a massive manpower pool from the cities around the fertile Runain and Erenzi rivers and advanced technology RyRy XII started a period of controlled expansion out of Itcia where Rylonia had been isolated for thousands of years and into the continent of Gradini. In 3356 RY the first armies were deployed into the minor kingdoms on the other side of the Reatra Mountains, the tallest on the planet. For a thousand years Rylonia expanded in a controlled fashion as to not overextend. Dunaron is actually a bit bigger than Earth, and has less oceans to stop armies. In 5790 RY, with all of Gradini either annexed or puppeted, the navies of the Impirrenship invaded the shores of the Jurani Confederation. It was a long war, but after twenty-nine years of conflict the soldiers of Rylonia marched on the capital of Juran. Both sides were weary of the war but it was obvious that Rylonia had won. The only reason that the war took so long was the brutal Jurani winter. By now rocketry was invented, and space travel was first invented in 6190. After satellites were first made a complete view of the world was seen. They saw the flat fertile plains of Rynatoo, the massive central desert in Gradini. And two rather large continents. Envoys were sent, and when a "lucky" sattelite failure made the empire that owned the continent of Eradi quickly surrendered at the thought of "falling stars". With the manpower of most of an entire planet and the threat of orbital kinetic weapons the rest of Dunaron gave up their lands and wealth. Now, exploration of the solar system really started. When teams landed on Reahtoo, they discovered a copper-aged species of reptilians. DNA tests confirmed many theories... Rybonians from Reahtoo and Ryraptors from Dunaron had a common ancestor! Life from one of the planets must have crashed on the other billions of years ago. With technology advancing and new slaves, interstellar travel started. A constitution was written that banned the abuse of Rybonian slaves among other things. Now, in 7903 RY, with almost two dozen stars, hundreds of planets, and millions of asteroid biospheres, The Impirrenship was experiencing power never before seen!

Culture: The culture changes, the "capital" culture is Rynatooan, which is the main culture of Itcia, the capital province on Dunaron. It includes many games and sports that form the basis of Rynatooan life, also, aetki, a domesticated grain, is the staple food for most of the empire, with genetically modified strains being cultivated on alien planets. The entire empire is in the Rylonian culture group, and everyone considers themselves to be a Rylonian, if not Rynatooan.

Military: TBA

Government: Constitutional Impirrenship, basically a monarchy, but instead of King there is the Impirren.

Strategies/Tactics: TBA
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