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The Meritocratic Angelborn League Of Ascendism (MALOA)

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The Meritocratic Angelborn League Of Ascendism (MALOA) Empty The Meritocratic Angelborn League Of Ascendism (MALOA)

Post by Angelborn Sat Jul 05, 2014 8:10 pm

This thread is to discuss anything related to the Almodeun/Angelborn and their Meritocratic League.
The original full-sized has been condensed below the line for viewing purposes if any specific information is required to be seen.

Your Name: Angelborn (Sporum Name: xDoomsoulx / Musician Name: LichLord)

Empire Name:  The Meritocratic Angelborn League Of Ascendism (MALOA)
The Meritocratic Angelborn League Of Ascendism (MALOA) FQF7QiR

Master Of The Meritocratic Council

The Meritocratic Angelborn League Of Ascendism (MALOA) 97sD5lc

Species Name: Angelborn
Species Alien Name: Almodeun

Homeworld: Elysia - Elysia is a Super planet spanning a radius of around 14,000km of land and sea. It has a dense golden atmosphere and with the planetary minerals available, it looks like the whole planet radiates a heavenly gold color. Elysia has been heavily built up consisting globally of many clean and beautiful cities littered across the landscape wile also leaving huge reserves of wildlife and flora available to let the planet live and breathe. Elysia's biggest structure would be the 'Stairway to Mother' Grand Temple, being big enough to be seen from space at around 3 miles tall and capturing the golden glow of 'Mother' first when the sun rises.

Size: The Angelborn, being so fond and protective of their home system, only have one Star system in their tiny empire, consisting  of 14 colonized and transformed planets with a combined total of 46 colonized and terraformed moons full of different factions of the League. The home-world, Elysia is the biggest and the most richest in resource and ambient power which radiates off of it while the other planets and moons scattered around the Angelborn's star system also receive such a glow to a lesser extent.
Due to the sheer amount of trade gong on between 14 heavily populated planets, trading is a necessity within the League, trade routes being very well protected with entire ship fleets stationed next to the routes when there are no critical operations to attend to.

Biology: The Angelborn are typically very tall humanoid beings of around 7-9ft tall with a golden tinge to their skin from the Star systems strangely-behaving star named 'Mother'. They are aesthetically beautiful humanoids with lean muscle adorning their bodies and light facial features which are easy and pleasant to look at. The most noticeable feature of the Angelborn are their 'Downy' looking set of Golden wings in which they are born with and use more to fly around with than they do to simply walk around with, approximately being able to sustain 300 Minutes of flight before having to rest until their energy returns.
The Angelborn are of some of the most biologically strangest Humanoids as they do not have hearts to pump blood around their bodies. Instead they have a chamber resting inbetween their lungs which slowly filters a lightly-colored blood mutation throughout the body and slowly dissapears as it is converted straight into energy for the body to use. The chamber is a sphere which self-replenishes itself off of a number of factors including how much energy is gained from consuming food/fuel and how much Energy is taken from any Terraform gas passing throug the lungs. The Angelborn are lucky as they are able to store a great reserve of energy in the spherical chamber with very little side effects as any excess is passively exhaled.
One notable side effect is how this strand of mutation actually helps keep bodily cells young and healthy multiple times better than any other civilizations, allowing the average Angelborn citizen to live for around 300-500 years while the stronger, more intelligent and generally the most powerful can live even longer, the longest recorded one was around 700 years!
A side effect of the blood mutation and the Chamber between their lungs is how it glows a very bright white color when exposed to light, hence why an open spherical chamber looks like a glowing soul to all who don't understand how the Angelborn biologically work. Of course everyone above a certain class-tier knows what's up with in in the Meritocracy.
The most interesting part about the Angelborn is that they don't have any hearts in their bodies, they have a visible soul in the center of their chest instead resting between their lungs. An Angelborn's soul depends in size, generally the bigger they are the more powerful, intelligent and older they are which makes a positively ancient Angelborn figure remarkably intelligent and dangerous. This also reams that the Body of an Angelborn uses the excess of the Soul's form and energy to substitute as a blood source to the body, making it harder for them to bleed out in a combat situation but also means that they can't be brought back to life from a 'first death' by any form of direct resurrection . Once the soul dies even once, it's game over for that figure.
With the Soul powering the body, it brings off an unusual side-effect of decelerated aging of the cell structure inside of their bodies, making them have the potential to live hundreds of years before developing any complications. The time that an Angelborn is at it's peak in power, intelligence and presence and it's soul is the biggest: 300-500 years of age. Any Angelborn older than 500 years will slowly age over the next 250 years (on average) untill their bodies are physically unable to hold the soul anymore which is when the figure dies and the soul returns to 'Father', the core of the home planet and belief.
Outside of their homes, the Angelborn wear created Armour made from an extremely tough mineral known as 'Elysiul' (in honor of their Home & Birth Planet). The Elysiul mineral is extremely heat and cold-proof, taking extreme temperatures of around 2200°C to melt it down and be able to pour it into the mold's required to start crafting the Armour. Elysiul Armour has been proven in the League's very limited but ferocious past battles between the factions that it can withstand insane amounts of pressure of around 250,000 psi. Elysiul Armour has been known to withstand direct hits from small/medium impact missiles and explosions of various strengths (at GREAT/LETHAL damage to the target inside of the Armour of course) and very few known close-quarter weapons are able to penetrate the Armour, making the armored Angelborn in battle become ferocious close-quarter combatants if they can get close enough. Strangely enough, the insanely protective Armour is also relatively lightweight, letting them even comfortably fly for around 120 minutes tops before having to rest (unlike the 300 minutes un-armored)
The Angelborn are extremely lightweight unfortunately, making them weigh only a little bit over 80 pounds in weight despite their colossal height. They struggle to cope with extreme weather or any kinetic force which would affect their bodies which makes them susceptible to powerful artillery (despite the amazing strength to their amour). Their Armour does have some chinks and holes left exposed for weaponry to pierce through, Blades and physical bullets aimed well enough can catch and pierce (they need some flexibility to move around, it wouldn't be fair for them to be completely impenetrable humanoid fortresses!) On the positive side, such a light weight enables them to become ruthlessly quick, being able to in their lean bodies run to speeds of around 30mph on two legs and around maximum speeds of 200mph when flying after a certain amount of time without injury.
The Angelborn in personality are generally warm and friendly from their relaxing lifestyles (particularly the younger Angelborn below the age of 200) but their is always an underlying edge underneath the warmness of having a calculating and chillingly ruthless side if pushed far enough. Slow to anger but hard to stop.
The Angelborn do emphasize heavily upon love and the family in their lifestyles, directly influenced from their roots and their religion's beliefs, meaning that they do have the traits of forgiveness and love, even to some of their supposed enemies if the circumstance is right,

Religion: Ascendism - Ascendism is the holy belief of the Soul being born from the home star 'Mother' and provided from the heart of the home planet 'Elysia' which is the Father. Throughout the generations of life and death, the belief is of the soul returning to the Father after death and peacefully dissapearing into the Holy source to become one with the planet and to stregthen the living.
All subjects of The Meritocratic League Of Angelborn strongly believe in Ascendism with little to no non-believers existing as the religion itself seems to make snese to it's subjects and it's not one fueled with bloodshed throughout it's history. Saints are created after an exceptionally skilled and powerful Angelborn who has contributed towards their existence has achieved a discovery or gain so big that it has changed the lives of all for the better. The Saints are honored as giant statues throughout the many temples in the star system and their bodies are laid to rest in the Grand Citadel, 'The Stairway to Mother' on the home planet for all to come and pay tribute to for good fortune and blessing.
Ascendism also emphasized on a secure living, a strong family, the beliefs that miracles can happen to the fortunate and that forgiveness and the ability to repent for one's sin's is always an option. It is not prejudice between the different factions in the star system, it does not discriminate between age and power and most of all it is all accepting.

History:  For hundreds of thousands of years, The Angelborn lived in happiness and peace as Mother and Father perfectly co-existed and formed the souls of the generations to come. As the Angelborn became more active and aware over time, Mother became brighter and stronger, increasing in activity as more of the Angelborn were born untill the point that Elysia was becoming slowly over-populated. After the space era began for the Angelborn, they colonized and became different factions under the Meritocracy League within the star system. But unrest was apparent as Mother wept repressive tears and the glow of the star faded to a dull shell of it's former self.
With a war spanning across the Star system, the factions butchered each other needlessly, defying the very religion they were brought up to respect and cherish until a Lone figure found out that Mother was missing a vital part of her true self, her 'heart'. The lone heroic figure flew towards Mother and tore the soul out of his own body to cure and feed her heart in desperate hope that her influence arising shall end the bloodshed. His plan worked as before his dying eyes the star system glowed a heavenly gold once more and combatants layed down their arms and embraced their brethren and wept for the unnecessary fallen.
Mother stays bright and strong to this day as the AngelBorn lived on and with years of peace enveloping the Factions, prosperity was embraced. Uneasy rumors of other warring empires in the skies circulated around the League and action to take up militarization and incorporate it as a shared resource and entwine it into the Angelborn's diverse culture was schemed. With thousands of years of careful planning and tweaking, a whole race of happy, care-free and most importantly, millitaristically abled citizens able to fight were crafted.
Some have started to question though. Is father really just something which exists as a belief to exist in the center of the planet? Or is he an ultimate being asleep for aeon's ready to be reawakened if certain events are unraveled. Why do the souls of the dead Angelborn descend down there? Why do they have souls? Why does Mother create all life compared to studies made of nearby life on other star systems? The most important questions will have to wait as trouble is brewing in the galaxy and the Angelborn may one day be caught up in all of it.

Culture: The Angelborn have a pretty diverse social culture full of different elements to improve and contribute towards the League as a whole, hence why they are also a Meritocracy-driven governing body within the League. In their culture, the arts, craft, science and sport are all given equal important treatment as each division has had many system-wide changes to be attributed for. Famous musical and artwork pieces are even rumored to heard across the Galaxy in exhibitions.
Ascendism plays a big role in their arts and crafts as a whole, mutually benefiting each other while Sports may be mixed towards physical fitness and skill, feats of strength, Close Combat sparring and Marksmanship games to entertain the Angelborn throughout their hundreds of years of life. Their culture is friendly towards Scientific Research and engineering as well on a more casual scale, having an 'acceptable' level of funding and bodies ready to research and build what is required.

Military: With the Angelborn having their citizens sneakily trained in Close-Quarter and Ranged combat through Sport along with it's dedicated Military, they have a wide selection of options to help in offensive and defensive situations:

'Cosmos' Melee Male Units - The Cosmos units are the bread-and-butter of the Angelborn ground force which are in a full suit of Elysiul and holding Two One-Handed axes (one in each arm). They have the full ability to run and fly towards their targets at extreme speeds and hack & slash their targets apart skillfully. Very effective vs Other Ground troops & reloading/inactive Artillery due to the sheer sharpness of the axes and how strong their Armour is. Weak against large forceful explosions or from extremely accurate hits into the gaps of their Armour. Their wings do leave them agile enough to try and dodge artillery or even fly up and attach air born vehicles within the planets breathable atmosphere,
'Luna' Melee Female Units - The Luna female units are rarer to find on the battlefield compared to the Cosmos units but they are just as capable of fighting, using one double-edged sword instead of two which leaves a hand free to let them use another object or to defend themselves better with. Also Strong against other ground troops & in actives while weak against large explosions and precise strikes while also able to engage on air born units in the atmosphere.
'Judgment' Honor Guard Unit - The most fearsome of Ground troops, these Close-Quarter specialists are in even further strengthened armour and weaponry which is capable of tanking direct tank shots and cleaving vehicles in two using it's big pole arm. Judgment units are rare to see but they will typically hang around a commanding unit on the battlefield for defensive purposes. Strong against other ground troops & inactive while weak against large explosions and precise strikes while also able to engage on airborn units in the atmosphere.
'Wrathlen' Tank Unit - The Wrathlen Tank Unit is a Hover-tank capable of reaching maximum speeds of 60mph and can fire pressurized shots of liquid Elysiul at targets with a short cool-down time. Played from standard metallic minerals but plated with Elysiul along the body, the Wrathlen is able to take nearly as much as it gives in terms of combat. Effective vs all Land Units. Weak against airborne vehicles and ships.

'HigherOnes' HigherOnes are Humanoid-shaped mecha's which a single unit can control. It works like a flying enlarged version of an Angelborn unit, looking like a mecha which gives it many diverse attack options to use (including a Mecha-Sized Rifle and sword available). Not very able to take the hits though due to it's imposed resource restriction. Effective vs Land Units & Other Airborne units. Weak vs Spaceships & Flying Ground Units.
'Screamers' Screamers are thin and sharp stealth planes very capable of reaching speeds of 800mph at full speed which are fully capable of delivering missile carpet bombs or destructive payload upon it's targets without many issues. Effective vs Large Land Units & Buildings, Weak against other Airborne Units

'Titanfist'  Sun-System Capital Ship - Titanfist is the biggest of all ships in the sun-system, easily being eight times the size of the ProphetHammer and is mainly used as a mobile space dwelling capable of holding over one million citizens inside. It has very limited offensive capabilities but it's defenses and networking are unparalleled in comparison. Extremely useful for humongous fleet deployments. Titanfist is big enough to carry two Prophethammer's.
'ProphetHammer' Command Ships - The ProphetHammer command ships are humongous control centers and deploying stations which are easily able to control and entire fleet of war and enforcement ships without any issue. Extremely heavy defense on these ships are mandatory, they can house hundreds of thousands of personnel per ship without any issue whatsoever. Very little in terms of offense but the ships they can deploy make up for it. Currently they have stretched the Leagues resources by crafting 15 of these ships to patrol and protect the planets and trade routes in the star-system.
'Hand Ov Wrath' Destroyer Ship - The Hand Ov Wrath is a typical 10-man destroyer ship which can be deployed in the hundreds from one of the 'ProphetHammer' command ships. They are easily capable of raining down a mixture of concentrated solar energy from 'Mother' and physical metallic projectiles at the same time to overwhelm diverse shielding systems while also being agile and quick enough to evade slower missile and pulse attacks. Of course they can't take as much as they can give so they can go down pretty easily despite the raw amount of power it hosts,
'OmniDash' One-Man Fighting Machine - The OmniDash is a Space Warfare Humanoid Mecha which acts similarly to the 'HigherOnes' Airborn mecha but adapted instead to fight in the vacuum of space with all the same kind of weaponry and utility available.
'LanceHeart' Tactical Beam & Missile System - The LanceHeart also runs a concentrated solar beam charged from 'Mother' which is able to in short pulse wipe out certain missiles and shps while in longer and coller beams help repair other spaceships nearly via crude welding. The LanceHeart also carries a stockpile of launchable Space Warfare-grade Explosive missiles and a small selection of EMP and shield-busters for aiding to take down larger threats.

THE LEADER -  Lord 'Divinitus' - Lord of the High Council
Divinitus is a very unusual Angelborn, slowly developing into an extremely Powerful being even at a young age and up through to early adult-hood (Of around 150 years). In his Prime, he is exactly 12ft tall and is wingless which has many questioning what his origins in the League were as Wingless Angelborn births were extremely Rare. Despite any scrutiny, he rose to the very top of the Meritocracy through a careful combination of Power-playing, winning the public over, murdering the competition, becoming the voice of Ascendism at the Stairway to Mother, two-faced politics and sheer ruthlessness which is also a rarity to see in the warm-hearted race of the Angelborn. As a leader of the primary faction upon Elysia, he is responsible over the most important territories, cities and trading routes/agreements in the Meritocracy and directly deals with any limited contact from outside of the empire.
Divinitus is nothing short of a tactician mixed in with the build and ruthlessness of a budding Warlord. He encased himself in some of the most insane-looking and strongest Elysiul in the empire, easily being the bane of anyone's nightmare in close quarter combat with his sheer strength and vicious lance (he's not too shabby with hitting moving targets either if you hand him a good rifle). Divinitus is not to be underestimated, his lifestyle embedded into his head rotten morals and thoughts which have brought nothing but misery to the unfortunate ones who have ever stood in his way. Yet as the people's freedom crumbles before their very eyes, the public applaud it with a standing ovation, not knowing what is truly behind the mask of their beloved leader.

Government: Meritocracy - QUOTE: [Meritocracy is a political philosophy which holds that power should be vested in individuals almost exclusively according to "merit" demonstrated at an early age. Advancement in such a system is based on intellectual talent measured through examination and/or demonstrated achievement in the field where it is implemented.]
Meritocracy for the Angelborn is implemented throughout the whole League of Planets and moons in the League's territory and has been extremely successful for developing the Angelborn forwards with only the most skilled and creative individuals ruling within each part of the faction.

Strategies/Tactics: The AngelBorn are naturally defensive and their unit formations either suggest spreading out their land troops to avoid artillery fire as much as possible and be within better ground to unleash better range game and close-combat while the Space fleets are trained to swarm into different raiding groups on the sideline of a battle and take out stronger troops and command from the sidelines while distracted from the main battle. The capital ship involved in a battle will typically have at least half of the star fleet with it to protect such a monstrously expensive and powerful ship and also to network orders and hot-plug different ship augments depending on the situation of a battle going on.
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The Meritocratic Angelborn League Of Ascendism (MALOA) Empty Re: The Meritocratic Angelborn League Of Ascendism (MALOA)

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Pictures of Each Created Unit For Visual Reference (Done So Far)

Angelborn Luna
The Meritocratic Angelborn League Of Ascendism (MALOA) W5ywIfR

Angelborn Cosmos
The Meritocratic Angelborn League Of Ascendism (MALOA) KocsLWR

Angelborn Judgement
The Meritocratic Angelborn League Of Ascendism (MALOA) XUqfkGg

Angelborn ProphetHammer
The Meritocratic Angelborn League Of Ascendism (MALOA) JsExE45
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