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Races of Ravena

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Races of Ravena Empty Races of Ravena

Post by Darkel Sat Mar 14, 2015 2:48 pm

Races of Ravena
The following is an alphabetical list of Ravena's races. It contains a picture and a brief description of the race and it's role. Note: this page is user construction and not all races have been added, not all pictures or descriptions have been made either. To have your race added to this list (it is required for all races which participate in the RPs) please private message a moderator with the description and race picture banner.

The Alkisuns:
The Dranzoot Sovereignty:
The Dranzoot Sovereignty is a ruined empire which is a shadow of its former self. It was once a race of creatures who followed the teachers of a race-wide religion known as Athakism, but since its capture at the hands of the Dominion, it has become a hollow empire which' only purpose is to provide contribution to the Dominion.
The Eldraunn Architects:
Hailing from a distant galaxy, the psionic Eldraunn race is among the most powerful known to inhabitants to Ravena. Their technology and capabilities are rivaled by few. The Eldraunn originally attempted to invade Ravena during year 0, but were driven out by the Loccalians and Vrentus, though not before leaving behind many mysterious relics. Know, they have returned, with a similar intent.
The Jorro'kil:
The Karthla Progeny:
The Karthla are a race of ancient creatures which evolved from a mutagenic virus which has plagued the galaxy seemingly for an eternity. They are feared amongst the races of the empire for being eaters of worlds and consume and destroy natural resources to fuel their cruel intangible life.
The Intragalactic Krathunian Covenant of Sethega:
Many years ago, the Krathunian Covenant of Sethega allied itself with the Loccalians, creating the hegemonic Arbalest Union. However, the Krathunians faded into obscurity following many wars, including the Dominion's conquest through a large portion of their territory. However, after the collapse of the original Dominion, the Krathunians have resurfaced, under a new government, and have aligned themselves with the Confederacy.
The Loccalians:
Many centuries ago a large fraction of the galaxy was enslaved by a lifeless race which was known as the Loccalians. The Loccalians held power above all other races until their eventual downfall upon the world of Locce, in which the Nemaseul Battlebaron known as Aeternum Plaedeus sealed the Archimperator of the Loccalians, Primitus, in a capsule of Altamennium Cynicium, a powerful substance of incomprehensible properties. Centuries later, these substances thawed and were absorbed by Primitus beneath, who emerged even stronger than before.
The Nemaseul Interventionists:
The Ryun-Wreae Federation:
The Federation consists of two sentient races - The insectoid Ryun, and their mechnical creations, the Wreae. Along with the Jorro'kil, Dranzoot, and Zelthan, they formed the Confederate Nations of Ravena, or the Confederacy. The RWF has a very powerful military force given the extreme military-industrial complex within it, and is known for its highly advanced technology despite existing for a relatively short time.
The Samian Prevalence:
The Vaurik:
The Vaurik are a race of beings from deep space which are strangely incomprehensible. They are known for their odd biological augmentations that give them power an their strange utilizations of alien species. They are scientists, experimenters, and tormentors.
The Vrentus Collective:
The original Vrentus were created from the Xarthonian species during the First Evetaen War, their biological bodies and minds being replaced with energy and metallic shells. Since, the enigmatic Collective has established itself as a sort of protector of Ravena, only emerging when the galaxy itself is at risk. Vrentus are immortal, and have the ability to shapeshift - That alone makes them a worthy foe for anyone.
The United Xikarian Nations of Norcius:

Races of Ravena Prototype_flag_of_the_uxnn_by_pseudocompsognathus-d8qhefs
The UXNN, better known simply as the Xikarian Empire, is a relatively small nation, spanning about 30 star systems, but it is both economically and militarily powerful (which keeps its place in Ravena firmly established). It is a rich trading empire, and it heavily relies in relationships with other spacefaring nations - it is the foundation of its economy.
The Commonwealth of the Blessed Zelthan:
The Zraak:
The Zraak are a reptilian race of creatures who come from a barren world and take physical pleasure from the act of violence. They compose the bulk of the Dominion and construct its backbone, its foundation. The Zraak come from Joulka, a dark world. Their goal as a race is to spread their kind until they reach a limit. They are greedy and renown for their savage ways across The galaxy. The Zraak are a force to be feared in the galaxy of Ravena.

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