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The Order of Su'th

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The Order of Su'th Empty The Order of Su'th

Post by ShadowBroker Sat Jul 23, 2016 11:06 am

Name: ShadowBroker

Empire name: The Order of Su'th

Species name: Cithera'no ( Short-hand 'Cither' )

Home-world Caelum (Destroyed) - After the lost of their own planet, The order sent their fleet out to explore the universe for a better planet to live in. Nevertheless, only one flagship resulted intact and continues seeking this goal, known as "The Fifth"

Size of Territory in Ravena: This Empire remains with little use of this galaxy as their ship remains traveling into deep space to the unknown.

Helmets What they wear so their faces can't be seen. (Wardens wear what I have in profile )a

Male aspect (W.I.P):

Female aspect (W.I.P):


The Cithera'no itself is a creature that, due to many experiments, has little flesh, becoming more machine than organic.

Before the destruction of Caelum, a Cither looked like a mammal with many feathers on the head, swollen eyes but not high, with small ears hidden under their feathers. They have two arms and legs with five fingers but only four toes. Some may have more feathers than others, just like hair itself it may or may not reach shoulder length.

Within their body system, they have only one massive lung that covered the heart like a basket. The rest of the organs remained equal to most mammal without a reproduction system. Their skin was pale and lifeless yet they were very alive.

To reproduce as a species, two Cither just needed to contact one another when the pheromones were at their high point, once done a successful bounding, the female Cither would start to lose her feathers searching for a warm spot. The feathers would reunite themselves with a strong synapses or telepathy before leaving the organic body. The feathers would then become a strong egg or several eggs (Depending of the amount of sustains, such as food and energy they might need to keep themselves warm. Ergo the reason it needs a warm spot) After one year, a new Cither would born with already a basic lore knowledge thank to the information taken from the synapses. The new child would know perfectly the rules of the community, it's parents and the way back home.

Note: Female Feather: Unlike male feathers, female feather contain great amount of DNA, glucose, proteins and more nutrients that it held within them. However, left alone it doesn't have enough power to begin the reproduction. The male feathers contain a last resource which is a synapse of cells by touch, giving both the last information needed to the DNA and 'the command' to start working. Once this process is complete, the feathers become like cells of their own, like prokaryotes flying off on the wind, searching for a warm spot yet connected with the others.

In the case they find a warm spot (by themselves) to reproduce, the feathers would start coupled one another like a basket, this whole process takes from 1 to 2 days. After the feathers unit, the cells within the feathers start to link with one another creating a dome that will contain the plasma of the new born, this process is long and complicate and takes half the time needed to work. (6 months)

Once the dome is complete, the feathers release the DNA and protein inside the plasma creating the very first cell which will reproduce on it's own. The feather would remain at the bottom like a big pillow covered with plasma that ensure that nothing from below breaks the cycle of life, since the pressure generated by the living being and the plasma itself can't be contain alone. (Clearly sides and top of the dome are made of a stronger layout of plasma capable to withstand strong winds & rain) This process takes 5 months to finally complete the new entity.

The last moments of the reproduction are to create a connection with the knowledge passed by the female and male parents, however he or she wouldn't know about things such as secrets or ideas any of them had. The information that the new being could hold would be only the information that is set up without awareness of it. ( Such as codes, signs or paths.)

In case the feather do not find a warm spot, it takes around ten days to finally disintegrate for the lack of life support. *End of Note.

After the destruction of Caelum, the Cithera'no was force to live in a cold ship with little space to be warm, yet with the ability to store information taken from their ancestors. With that on hand, they worked on a big plan to ensure the schematic for a brand new DNA, a new way of life.

They forced themselves to extract part of their organic system and replace it with machine features, wires and modules that allowed them to create life without the need of touch. It also allowed them to neglect food and absorb energy instead, that may not nourish their body but kept alive.
Now days, they look like a machine wearing a helmet with two long horizontal cuts for the visor and cybernetic implants at the sides that enchanted communication with the ship and allowed them to absorb the radiation of the stars to be used as full to their body. It is no longer capable to see their organic body or to reproduce themselves like the old ways, but thanks to this sacrifices, the Cithers were able to survive.


The Cithera'no belief is, currently, their way of life. They believe of a hive mind creature whose voice reveals each individual purpose in existence. They called it 'Void' as it's not a creature with a purpose but a purpose for the creatures, such lack of existence gave the Cithers the idea of a god who isn't exactly unique or different from others. The Void, for them, would be a many faces god that, in fact, they all serve a higher power which is the energy itself, the energy that lives in all living beings.

The Summary is simple, there is two entities which Cithera'no believes: The Void, which has the role of a representative or an oracle that speaks to all living beings. And The Energy, which is a nexus that bounds all beings into the physical world, it is a being which controls the balance.


Their history is cruel, full of sorrows and betrayals. Cithera'no had many difference between one another. They lacked of empathy to understand the feeling and the consequence of their actions. Even with the Caelum united to start their very first steps towards deep space, Cither couldn't start working with.

Some plotted that The Cithera'no aren't ready to explore the universe as they lack of the intelligence to open their mind to new possibilities. As species they were fragile and full of flaws that breaks the community's voice. Despite this great disadvantage, Cithers aren't capable to accept other beings which do not respect their beliefs, without acceptance the journey would be short and tiresome, without neglecting the conflict they would find in their way.

Others stated that life in the rest of the galaxy would be define in two possible ends: At one side, they could be animals, creatures without greater understanding of the true nature of things. In the other side, they would be wise beings or entities that already concluded with the journey of enlightenment and understand how the Energy balance the world.

But before this sharp end of the discussion, Cithers understood something which was clearly a mad conclusion: Those who couldn't understand the last statement are, by definition, blind beings who can't accept the true nature of things, a blindness that pursue a greater goal given by the Void. Leading Caelum into a global civil war.

A Hero emerged upon such inevitable war whose name was "Tokranos Su'th" who was the one who first initiated the ideology of preserve Cither's life with cybernetic implants. He gave those who were open minded a chance to live under his rule. The rest would be left alone.

Even if the great government would accept "Su'th" is banishment with the rest of his people, they would be force to wear metal mask as to ensure no one would ever call them Cithers or to tell they belong to this planet or their empire.

Su'th and his fleet escaped from Caelum as refugees, meanwhile, after the next year, when "Su'th" died at the expense to learn how to use machines in the organic body. Cithera'no were no longer able to find their home-world, finding only millions upon millions of floating rocks, asteroids... Caelum met a bigger threat and their arrogance was their doom.

The fleet moved along until they all united to create a bigger flagship known as "The Fifth" which now travels across the galaxy.


Actually, there is a government ruled by two different councils. The lower council which are people from community that wish to bring matters upon the society and together find the solution (Small troubles such as a missing part of armor from a certain individual, a new social event such as dancing or treaty, a discussion about religion, etc). And the Higher council that is lead for only three individuals called "Wardens" each Warden represent a certain ship that is attached to the Flagship and a group of people. The higher council does only acts if they encounter a new alien form which is capable of socialize. There is "Thande Warden" "Suak Warden" and "Thogoro Warden" who no longer use their names but their ranks, tearing their true identity apart as a sing of dedication to their purpose.

There are no laws, only conclusions and programmed events that must be follow to ensure the survival of their people (Such as, at certain time present themselves all to the panels, windows or personal room to absorb the energy of the nearest star, a check in of the engines, weapons, uniform, and implants. Etc) The personal of each ship was already selected from thousands of years before, when Su'th rescued those who escaped from Caelum, leaving a friendly atmosphere.

In case a Warden dies, for whatever reason, a new Warden will be select for the trial of selection. The Lower council would act and choose who is capable to ascend since the High council may not be present in most of the meetings.


Most of their time, Cithers enjoy reading, remembering, meditating and combat training with their swords as they do not train with range weapons. But society lost a lot of it's culture after the destruction of Caelum.

Education system started to emerge since the new improvements of cybernetic on the organic body also disrupted the connection of new beings with the basic knowledge inherited. Making the conclusion that it would be easier to create extra machines hand work, instead of use their own. This would be accepted because, even though Cither could still reproduce with a great possibility of failure, those who born would have to go through a lot of surgeries that will consume the entity with a great physical trauma, at the end of the experiment, the creature would lack of the will to live, ending up a mindless machine.


The Wardens, the members of the High Council, would also be admirals of their own fleets and soldiers. Each Warden would control a branch of the army in order to do not leave the whole responsibility to only one soldier.

They all use a sign like the tip of an white arrow in their chest pointing their helmet. The uniform itself is black metal and reinforcement of wires that may or may not be connected at all.

Their units are called "Vanguards" as they wear a power armor that increase a body shield structure that is capable to withstand great amount of damage, heat, lack of atmosphere or pressure. They all have a spear like a rifle that works for both close combat and range combat. Nevertheless, this weapon needs a constant recharging with energy that it takes from life support (Energy used to keep Cither's body alive) body-shield energy, star energy (Absorbing the radiation of the star) or one of the three power cells they have with them, afterwards, every "Vanguard" is taught that using their rang ability may cost their life. They also have an energy pistol that is used if they are disarmed, located in their utility belt.

There is also a heavy armed soldier known as "Collah" on their languages 'Cutter' that has a massive weapon that consumes the three power cells, the great amount of energy compacted in the weapon ejects a single blast which range is massive (Covering enough distance to the end of the atmosphere). It's massive destruction and impact results to be one of the last resource in field combat. The "Collah" unit may as well be a suicide unit, since they may need more than one shot to take down their enemies.

At the end there is the "Warden" who is heavy armored and does not wears the casual uniform. In fact, The Wardens are the only military unit that is allowed to wear anything they please on their power armor, even though it may or may not use energy as well. The Warden use a sword of their choice, could be light as a saber or rapier, or a two handle sword. They also have metal glove on their left hand capable to absorb energy or to emit it as in rays. However this ability consumes a great amount of power that may first require for the Warden to absorb such energy.

They never have a strategy to dominate or conquer other species but to escape from the defeat. Wardens would ensure all the Vanguards escape back to the flagship using either the teleportation with the power-cells or casting aside the body shield, or the life support. In case the Warden has little probabilities of escaping from the planet without risking their people, the "Collah" unit will open fire at will at the Warden's sector giving him/her a proper death or rescue him/her but risking their own life.

At space combat, the flagship has a two actions. First, it displays a weapon alike EMP but it will absorb the energy from the ship, taking either their shield or machines within in range, afterwards, the energy absorbed would be stored in the power cells excluded from the ship itself, like giant batteries for reserve. The second step is to use the great amount of energy taken to fire the main cannon, a ray much alike what Wardens are capable of.

If one of this steps does not either stops/defeats their enemies, in order to ensure the safety of the population, the ships which form the Fifth will break free and escape from battle meanwhile one of the many ships attached to it will advance at full speed towards the enemy and ignite in self destruction, giving enough time for the rest to escape and regroup at another phase of the universe.
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