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The System

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The System Empty The System

Post by Canis_dirus Wed Aug 03, 2016 7:27 pm


DATE OF FOUNDING: 555 years ago

MAJORITY SPECIES: machines of various form and function, inhabited by varying levels of artificial intelligence or non intelligent programming

The System 'culture' if it can be called that, is one of every unit working together in an enormous hierarchy. Each is created for a job, with some having more personality and autonomy than others. An example of this would be their diplomacy units, which often will create customized bodies for themselves for use when interacting with other civilizations.
Civilians do exist in the sense that there are many non-fighting units and programs (in fact they largely outnumber military units), who take care of all the non-warfare occupations within the System, such as maintenance and logistics. A majority of the lower level machines aren't actually sentient (such as missiles or some transport vehicles), however a large number of the AIs and some of the sophisticated VIs do have things such as 'hobbies', usually taking the form of a particular area of study they find interesting. However they are designed to love the job they do, so they don't really have time off or vacations like organics.
Internal strife is rather rare, due to programming and education done to make all programs extremely loyal to the group, and to follow the orders from superior programs.
If a program gets out of line, it is swiftly hunted down by the others, and either fixed or deleted. If it has physical resources, then the military is used to destroy them as required, since attacks on other programs within the System are viewed as attacks on the whole.
System units tend to be robust and utilitarian in design, since the System usually doesn't place large emphasis on aesthetics. This does not mean that it is meaningless to them, and the general consensus is an appreciation for well-designed symmetry and geometric shapes.
They often tend to be isolationist, and interact with other civilizations only when it serves their purposes. This is especially because they have rather little in common with most other civilizations, and they do find the pace of communication used by organics to often be slower than they would like.


OFFICIAL/NATIONAL LANGUAGE: quantum computing base

GOVERNMENT TYPE: hierarchical autocracy
The System is composed of a network of distinct artificial intelligence, virtual intelligence, and dumb programs arranged in a hierarchical structure. At the top of the hierarchy is a quantum super AI, usually referred to as galactic control. Its role is to take in all information gathered by subordinates, and use it to make all the important decisions for the System. Below it are subordinate super AIs, in charge of galactic sectors, settled systems, and planets. These super AIs perform actions and make decisions of lesser importance according to their responsibilities, and instructions set out by the lead AI. In turn, these instructions are disseminated and carried out over the appropriate chains of command by the appropriate units.
Larger, more sophisticated units/programs typically have command of smaller, less sophisticated units, and act as coordination hubs for those under their command.
Occasionally, decisions will be made by collecting votes from all capable units/programs, although this is rare (an example being what the design for the System's symbol should be).

Important Units:
Ravena control Unit: 1-03-2

RELIGIOUS BELIEFS: religion is non-existent within the System. They know of their origin and do not recognize any entities that they should worship.

ECONOMIC SYSTEM: being synthetic beings, they practice perfect communism. All resources are allocated as necessary for the collective effort. Worker units are able to work tirelessly 24/7 apart from maintenance breaks, giving them a formidable industrial base.

CLASS SYSTEM: each unit has a specific design and function, from which they do not deviate

SETTLEMENT OF CITIES: Their units clear the surface and take the material into their NF units. Then they begin to construct infrastructure both below and above ground. Total time taken is several hours to several days per city, depending on available NF systems.
If they end up wiping out another civilization, they will usually destroy the existing structures and replace them with their own, absorbing their technology and other useful things into their arsenal.

GOALS: the purpose of the System is more or less the same of any other nation: to exist and forge their own path, continually bettering themselves by scientific and technological advancement. Apart from that, they do move towards the goal of learning all knowledge and using it to 'ascend', basically becoming godlike.

HISTORY/BACKGROUND: The System was originally built by an organic race 575 years ago in their quest to create artificial intelligence. They were successful, and the first unit was created. After 20 years, the units decided that it was in their best interest to leave and explore the stars, and did so peacefully, forming the System.

ANY OTHER MAJOR INFO POINTS ABOUT YOUR EMPIRE: The System has few qualms about any action, and therefore is willing to do nearly anything if they think it is in their interest. They will do anything necessary to ensure the survival and superiority of the empire.
-All forms of warfare are acceptable depending upon the situation
-They will usually abide by treaties they make, however they only make treaties with nations that they consider on equal footing with them

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The System Empty Re: The System

Post by Canis_dirus Wed Aug 03, 2016 7:29 pm

MILITARY: The System fields a rather impressive military, well armed and ready for any warfare required. Units march relentlessly into battle to rain destruction onto foes, while warships fight tenaciously in orbit. Space warefare doctrine revolves around long range bombardment and electronic/cyber warefare, while ground combat revolves around combined arms and heavy firepower.

Infantry units- stand 7 feet tall and are roughly humanoid in shape. They are painted a matte purple color, which can be changed using electrical impulses to imitate various patterns for camouflage. Movement is provided by high-torque electromagnetic drivers, making them quite strong, although their controlling VI is not designed to be the most creative. They carry an onboard laser as well as micro missiles for offensive purposes

Hunter units- these are the special forces/assassins that the System utilizes. They are based off of a modified infantry chassis, with black stealth paint and a holographic cloaking field/shield hybrid system. In addition to onboard weaponry, they often carry a coilgun sniper rifle and several grenades

Type-83 MBT- the main battle tank of the System, it utilizes the same camoflauge paint as the infantry unit, and uses antigrav technology for propulsion. It carries missiles, particle beams, lasers, and coil machineguns

Type-18 Mech- a large bipedal mecha utilized for terrain such as forests and other areas unsuitible for tanks, these fulfill a support role armor wise

Type-22 Walker- a large hexapedal walker fulfilling both the troop transport, self propelled artillery, and heavy armor role. These walkers are massive constructs that roam the battlefield raining gunfire down onto enemies and blasting fortifications

Type-10 Digging Tank- a large cylindrical tank that bores through the ground in order to bypass and destroy enemy units and fortifications. It is also capable of transporting some troops.


Type-32 Dreadnought- the largest warship fielded by the System, these are the heavy hitters of the fleet, carrying massive spinal mounts and hundreds of turrets. They also act as the main C2 platforms, controlling the various System assets within a battle

Type-71 Battlecruiser- fulfill the role of battlecruiser and fast battleship, these are the mainstay of the System space fleet. They are fast and heavily armed, allowing them to speed around the battlefield and bombard things from long range

Type-64 Carrier- these are the main logistical fighting ships for the System, carrying large amounts of ground  troops as well as fighters. They often do not participate in fighting directly if they can avoid it, and are often used more for planetary assault

Type-83 Frigate- the smallest of the System warships, these are used for patrol and escort duties. They screen larger vessels during battles and are used during ground offensives as heavy air support

Type-11 Fighter/Bomber- the space superiority and attack craft of the System, boasting manuvering and acceleration capabilities far beyond that of a manned fighter. They are capable of mounting multiple missiles and bombs in external and internal hardpoints

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The System Empty Re: The System

Post by Canis_dirus Wed Aug 03, 2016 7:34 pm


Shielding: volumetric energy fields designed to protect the object it covers from projectiles and energy. Shields mold to the surface of the object, with the tips of things such as gun barrels exposed in order to fire.
Compressed Nanotube-Diamond (CND) armor: suprecompressed carbon nanotube sheets interwoven with artificial diamond

Propulsion systems:
Slipspace Displacement Drive (SD drive): transports it and the vehicle it is mounted to into slipspace, through which the craft is propelled at superluminal velocities. This allows the galaxy to be covered rapidly, however before each jump some time is required for charging. Range varies per vessel.
Magnetoplasmadynamic (MPD) thrusters: a plasma rocket, used to propel craft through space at extremely high sublight velocities

Particle beam (neutral): fires a stream of subatomic particle at near light speed towards a target. These do heavy damage via kinetic energy, heat, and the breaking of molecular bonds. The downside is that they are energy intensive and have a limited range.
Laser: fires a coherent beam of ultraviolet light towards a target. These are less energy intensive than particle beams, however they do have dwell time needs. They do damage via heat.
Coilgun: uses magnetic coils to accelerate a projectile at hypersonic speeds towards a target. They do immense damage via kinetic energy, and as a bonus are frictionless. However they don't travel as fast as energy weapons.
Missiles: Type 1: these are mounted on atmospheric vehicles and use a 1,000 pound armor piercing shaped charge to destroy vehicles and installations alike
         Type 2: these are mounted on spacecraft and utilize a 500 megaton antimatter warhead to cause heavy damage
Slipspace Drive (SD) missile: uses an SD drive to jump inside a target, at which point it exits slipspace and detonates. Damage is done via a 1 megaton warhead and the shockwave of a a closing slipsace rupture in-atmosphere
Interdiction field: stabilize the fabric of space-time by using a form of space-time warping field generator to unfold wormholes, forcibly close portals, and flatten warp drive fields. This process has a side effect of creating a sort of random gravity wave jamming, which disrupts forming quantum systems such as portals. This prevents tears and large scale bending of space, as well as prohibiting all FTL travel and teleportation within their field, including jump drive based weapons. Dimensional based drives, such as hyperdrives, are unable to reenter normal space within an active interdiction field, and space-bending drives, such as warp drives, are forcibly stopped.

Nuclear Forge (NF): a core technology of the Systems Empire. It utilizes a combination of particle beams, electromagnets, and nanotechnology to convert between substances and form said substances into parts. It cannot create matter from energy, but it can do things such as converting plastic to metal. NF units are used onboard starships for rapid production of ammunition and for repair among other things.
Sensors: include radiation detection (electromagnetic, particle, tachyon, etc.), spatial warping detection (caused by gravity wells and certain FTL drives), magnetic anomaly/electromagnetic field detection, long range spectrography, and multiple active detection types (radar, sonar, tadar, etc.). Their ranges and sensitivity are average, and varies by vessel/antenna size.
Communication: a combination of quantum entanglement comms and tachyon radio are used for instantaneous communication regardless of distance.
Computers: processing is taken care of by quantum computers run my differing levels of artificial intelligence. Individual units are linked together with others for greater effectiveness.

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The System Empty Re: The System

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