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New/Updated Rules and Clarification

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New/Updated Rules and Clarification Empty New/Updated Rules and Clarification

Post by Zaroas Wed Aug 17, 2016 12:38 pm

Hey, everyone. Darkel and I have a couple of announcement for all of you, mostly regarding some rules that we have updated/changed. We are going to be increasing our personal interactivity with everyone in the community and making sure that we know what's going on with the forums despite our busy lives by implementing these changes. We will in essence be able to participate more with all of you even if we don't have time to sit down a write a really good post.

Allow me to clarify - these changes are not coming about as a result of any actions made by the Ruthless Galaxy community. You all have been doing great work, but recent events elsewhere on the internet experienced by both Darkel and I have led to us implementing these changes. So don't worry, none of this is your fault. We're simply creating new measures to ensure quality and participation.

1. New RPs must now be approved by Darkel or I, though preferably both of us. This is to ensure that new stories and roleplays fit in with the lore we have established and the direction we are trying to take the stories in. Everyone has a part in this fictional galaxy, and these stories, of course. However, we have run into issues in other places where people take similar universes in a completely different direction from what was wanted by the people who created those stories, basically derailing what was planned. Originally, the rule was that moderators could approve RPs, but we decided to change it because Darkel and I, who have decided on certain directions and such for the story as a whole, need more input on it.

2. New race sheets will also need to be approved by Darkel and I, for the same reasons as above. When a new race sheet is submitted, if Darkel and I are unable to see it, we are requiring that moderators and Storymakers PM us immediately. Yes, we respond to PMs and watched topics 100% of the time, none of you have tried it intentionally though.

3. You won't get promoted to a higher position if you continually ask and beg. You know who you are.

I know these changes seem like a reaction to recent events here and might appear oppressive, but it is for the greater good, and did not come about as a result of your actions as a community. We are simply making the story more secure and ensuring a higher quality. Note that preexisti ng RPs and races will not be subject to these rules, so all of you are fine. We were going to make these changes regardless, but transparency and awareness should always be a given in decision making. So rather than keep you all in the dark until something happens, we are announcing it now.

If you have any questions, please ask them here. Thanks!

New/Updated Rules and Clarification DU18gto

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