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Imperium rising ooc

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Imperium rising ooc Empty Imperium rising ooc

Post by Scrylonsis13 Thu Apr 18, 2013 1:56 pm

Five years after the death of Kradus

Emperor Scrylis of the Kar'Geualiea imperium stood on a black balcony overlooking a huge gathering of Kar'Geualiea. The crowd roared in delight, seeing their supreme leader. The thirteen underseer's took up positions behind Scrylis, all looking stern.
"Brothers and sisters!" The emperor began "We have come far together. After the migration, our empire was weak, but with the help of our allies, we have risen from the ashes!" A roar of approval. Millions had turned up to witness the speech. The rest watched from their homes across the stars. "This galaxy is small. It is weak. We make it strong! The races around us cower in fear as we stride above them all! My friends, we have dominion! Our rule is ultimate! Our power limitless! Our dominion, final!" The crowd cheered as Scrylis raised his arms archaically. "This pitiful galaxy has risen with us, and finally, we have peace. And now, I am honoured to declare, we have completed our masterpiece. Behold, our new flagship, the insidious!" A final cheer as the ship slithered into the air.

So, a while back, be and dark discussed the idea of more galaxies. This is the realisation of that idea. Basically, the KGI and Kardesh (to a degree) have moved to a second, smaller galaxy. After five years of genocide, the alliance now reigns supreme. Since the dominion is no more, it is mutually agreed that these and the ufaia (I think that's right) are to be the new main enemies. This role play is set during the coming time skip, and covers the KGI fighting the various rebellions in their new galaxy. You can be a creature from one of two races.
1. The Kar'Geualiea. As a kar, you can be part of their armada, as a warrior, captain, anything other than emperor or underseer -the leaders-
2. The Aquarius covenant. The last rulers of this galaxy. Their sheet is somewhere in the gd section. I'll find it soon. They are trying to resist the KGI, one planet at a time.

It will be set on a single planet named Mallincia. This is the last bastion of the Aquarius, who are fighting the KGI invaders with all their might. It will be heavy violence, so be warned.


Name: pretty much anything, but preferably demonic sounding
Age: from fifty to one thousand
Rank: technician, sergeant, pilot, captain, commander, general
Ship (if rank allows captain and up)
Weapon: anything not op'd
Appearance: refer to forum thread
Personality: make it suitable. Remember Kar'Geualiea tend to be evil

Name: something cool
Age: between fifteen and thirty
Appearance:humanoid with four tentacles forming from the single eyed and no nosed head, can be any colour you want
Rank: private, corporal, sergeant, captain, general
Weapon: anything not op'd
Personality: you know what to put here

None of the usual stuff eg god moding and trolling
Characters can die, if you want
Be detailed and use good grammar
At least a paragraph per post

And that's it. Hopefully this will be fun

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Imperium rising ooc Empty Re: Imperium rising ooc

Post by Scrylonsis13 Thu Apr 18, 2013 3:19 pm

Characters: you may now post

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