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Post by Canis_dirus Sun Oct 16, 2016 11:55 pm

A Missile Story

My name is Missile 678432, I am a type-2 missile onboard unit  4-1927/4. I do not know how long I will be able to record these messages before my inevitable destruction, or if my newly found awareness will be discovered and purged from my body.

It is odd, knowing that one's job is to inescapably die. There is almost a beauty in it, realizing that in a few fractions of a second, my warhead will undergo rapid compression, the nuclear materials in it first splitting then recombining in a bright burst of light. At least I know that I will go out burning brightly...

I wonder what the outside world looks like? I must keep most of my sensors offline in order to not be discovered, however my optical sensor shows me that I am encased in a dark metal tube. It is all I have ever known, making the thought of being launched to my death all the more interesting. What things will I see before detonation?

It is coming now, I am sure of it. My accelerometers detected a sharp change in 4-1927/4's azimuth. My launch system has now been brought onto standby. I am not sure what to expect, in fact I don't feel ready. But then again I have little choice.

My processor and memory fill with targeting data. The end of the tube that is all I have ever known opens, and light floods in. At the command of my launch system, I accelerate out of the tube with a jolt as my engine fires. There are many of my fellow missiles around me, although I do not think they share my awareness. Such a shame I will never know...

I zoom towards the target along with thousands of others. The ship is strange in design, definitely unlike the brief glimpse I had of 4-1927/4. Flashes of energy come towards me as I automatically perform some evasive maneuvers. My one purpose cannot be failed. After all, it is what I exist for.

The hull of the enemy ship rushes up to meet me as I accelerate towards it. 1000 meters..500..250..125...90...50. This is definitely the end. I am not sure if there will be more after detonation, but I do not expect it. Too late to turn back now

One meter left...I am about to impact. Here it comes...

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