Blood and Honor; a new adventure series

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Blood and Honor; a new adventure series

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 07, 2013 11:37 pm

The log of Captain Flint Veatte; Lumien Armed forces Captain 1st class, leader of striketeam 666, codename "The Force".

Everyone thought the war was over after the JL killed Kradus. We all let our guard down as we ran through the streets, partying and drinking and smoking like fools. I know I did. I had just survived the deadliest war in galaxy history, and I was gonna go get high and freaking party. We fell over like sardines in a can, and the 'Balik just rolled the lid back on. While we were all out getting waisted and celebrating our glorious victory, they were planning, and when they finally came, they came like a bullet out of a CENSORED gun. We had no plan, no backup, and no reaction time. I was there on Therazan, when they announced the attack. I put a bullet in the back of the Supreme Commander's head, but no one was watching and no one cared. It wasn't enough. We beat them back on Therazan for them to only come back stronger later. They kicked our CENSORED faster than you could say "fire" and soon we were on our heels. Now we're stuck in the middle of this war we brought upon ourselves. I remember what the Supreme Commander said to me before I killed him;

"When the sky is grey with smoke, and the rivers run red with blood, we will find out how courageous you really are".


This is Base Alpha one! We are under attack! We need immediate reinforcements!

a MaxxToron series...

This is Lumien Military base Beta zero! We are being overrun by Seytanbalik soldiers! Repeat, the Seytanbalik are attacking! We need immediate reinforcements! Repeat, we need re-AAAHHHH!!!! *Static*

Blood and Honor; a Ruthless Galaxy Series

Lead Strike team 666, also known as "The Force", as they protect their world from the military might of the Seytanbalik. Play as Captain Flint Veatte; the Force's leader, as you fight back the horde of Balik and travel around the Lumien Consulate to take back the empire.

First mission: Daylight Robbery
The first mission; Join the Force on Therazan, where they must defend a base of Lumien soldiers and defeat an army ready to invade.

Second Mission: Cold War
Follow the Force to Glaces, a frozen ice ball on the edge of the empire home to one-fourth of the Lumien's entire nuclear arsenal.

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Re: Blood and Honor; a new adventure series

Post by Vara Lord on Sat Jun 08, 2013 12:51 am

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Re: Blood and Honor; a new adventure series

Post by Whos on Sat Jun 08, 2013 10:07 am

I'll download it.

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Re: Blood and Honor; a new adventure series

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 09, 2013 12:12 am

Second mission is up; It's called Cold War.


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Re: Blood and Honor; a new adventure series

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