Ruthless Galaxy: The Disruption - Chapter 2

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Ruthless Galaxy: The Disruption - Chapter 2 Empty Ruthless Galaxy: The Disruption - Chapter 2

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Ten years had passed since the grand battle over the crystalline battle. The Confederacy had been victorious over the collapsed Dominion, the Kar'geualiea Imperium, and the traitor United Fleets of Artificial Intelligences. The orbs had been sealed deep within Confederacy territory, away from all who would want them. But who couldn't resist their power?
Ten years into the future, the Dominion exist no longer, and the remaining races spread across the galaxy went into hiding, waiting for a new leader to command them. The war with UFIAI took many turns, Confederacy colonies burned, but the fleets of the UFIAI crumbled, only to be replaced by more. Many Jorro'kil Historians speculate that this war was even more intense than the one with the Dominion, obvious because the UFIAI wanted, needed something the Confederacy had, though none are sure what it is except the aforementioned most trusted and highest ranked.

Upon the return of the ships of Scout Fleet 0-0-712, the knowledge given to Emperor Xonoc spread to the councils of the combined Neo-Partisan, both troubling and astounding them. Xonoc, wishing to reach out to the Krathunians and create negotiations, had accomplished this, but many of the council-kils advised against going public with the knowledge of their heritage, believing it likely that with the extremely mixed reception the news would get, the peoples would think their leaders were demented. So it was kept secret for several years, until a visit from a Krathunian official to Irooscin caused the secrecy of their heritage to be dissipated, and documentations were released by the councils of the government with this knowledge. Many Jorro'kil soon formed a following of the Krathunian Religion, but many extremists became disgusted with what they called a "Disgrace upon our great culture," causing the rising threat of insurrection against the Jorro'kil's allies.
The Ryun-Wreae Federation of the United Ieegan Systems was growing rapidly. Their territory was quickly expanding, with new technologies and military force at their hands. The Federation benefited from growing trade from the other Confederacy races, and their economy soon became a key element to the group of allied empires. In addition, they helped to further uplift the Lumeriana Empire, helping them to expand massively and giving them marvelous new technologies. Wreae production had also grown exponentially, and soon there were more Wreae than Ryun. However, nobody feared an uprising, as the two had long since united under one flag.

Chief General Barborin had been promoted to Grand Admiral of the Ryun-Wreae Military for his actions during the battle and the diplomacy between the Jorro'kil and the RWF. The Wreae Commander, Unit 8164392, who had destroyed the King Baphometh to allow the Confederacy to retrieve the orbs, had also been promoted to Captain. Grand Councilor Zaroas was aging, though he still had plenty of energy left in his body. He was highly involved in Confederacy politics and was a source of morale and inspiration for the military as the Ryun who had united his race and the Wreae.
The Intragalactic Krathunian Covenant of Sethega had also become very influential. After the events between the Jorro'kil scout fleet and the shield world, it had been confirmed that the Jorro'kil were a Krathunian creation. Many Jorro'kil immediately converted to the Covenant religion, The Pact of Stone. The two empires became very close diplomatically, and the Covenant made its wondrous technologies, such as planet shielding, available to the Confederacy as a whole. In addition, the conquest of their contested homeworld of Sethega and formerly colonized worlds had gone very well. The Dominion was quickly driven out, and the Covenant won what they had been yearning for - home. Many planets were equipped with shield world technology, although they wanted to preserve Sethega from this. However, they fortified defenses to the extreme around their world. A permanent wormhole sat deep within the new worlds and old worlds, allowing for quick access to either part of the Krathunian Empire.

The Vil-Nolwikkan Greater Dominion and Kradus' Dominion have been at a stalemate for the entire Ruthless War. Neither side would budge. The Dominion saw no need to invade these aliens, and the Nolwikkans have been put off by all of the Dominion's allies. Even when the Dominion has fallen, they didn't budge. Archlord Reskullus decided that the spoils would go to the winners. Once again, they were outmatched and outnumbered by the large empires, and Reskullus figured that the Dominion had had the same problem.

So, for forty years, the usually violent, war-prone Vil-Nolwikkans were completely neutral. They needed allies; someone to fight alongside them for a similar cause. However, there weren't very many races that saw benefit in allying with an empire that would probably stab them in the back later. The Greater Dominion simply minded its own business, but that didn't mean that they were helpless to attack.

Many Nolwikkans were unnerved by the spread of the UFIAI, but they showed no interest in the Greater Dominion. However, Reskullus felt that a close eye should be kept on them. His forces were at his disposal, but only in the case of an emergency. So far, however, the outpost and border planets were doing their job: giving a strict warning to any alien ships, and intercepting any trespassers.

The economy was doing great, and the Empire had all the resources that it needed. However, something beckoned to Reskullus. The worlds at the core of the galaxy undoubtedly had useful and valuable minerals, and they needed to be mined before they were destroyed in the next few years. The materials would improve the empire's military and wealth immensely.

An old and scarred Jorro’kil Super Destroyer bearing the name Critical Mass engaged its engines to depart from its orbit around a gigantic gas giant. As the destroyer glided out of the shadow of the massive planet, the light from a medium-sized star revealed the true scale of the ship’s wounds, but also all the repairs and additions it had received. It joined a small fleet of smaller ships, some of them also Jorro’kil in origin, but there were also many ships patched up from other races, and also some brand new black and white ships. A steady stream of new ships from the thin ring around the gas giant was adding to the growing fleet. This system was UFIAI’s main frontline shipyard, serving as the gathering point for most of the arriving and returning fleets.

During last ten years, the UFIAI had been locked in constant war with the Confederacy. During the first weeks of the war, the UFIAI managed to surprise the Jorro’kil and Ruyn-Wrea forces with its ruthless and sudden attacks, and large forces, gaining several victories, causing drastic civilian losses and some irreparable damage to several ecosystems. However, after the Confederacy managed to gather its ranks. The UFIAI was quickly pushed back, and even further. The UFIAI had to retreat from the systems it had managed to capture in the first attack, and even some of the outer systems of the UFIAI were lost and destroyed by Confederacy’s fleets. However, the UFIAI’s flexible economy had been already converted almost fully to producing different kinds of warfare products.

As the main fighting began to focus around a dozen frontline systems, the UFIAI attempted to circle around in an attempt to get a foothold on the Confederacy’s flank. The UFIAI’s advance was ultimately halted by the Krathunian shield worlds. The UFIAI lost uncountable amounts of ships while trying to penetrate their defense. Even so, this encounter was beneficial to the UFIAI, as the AIs began widely to use the shielding techniques on their own settlements and core worlds.

The past ten years had been a great time of settlements for the UFIAI, as the AIs started to spread to any barren planet or moon to feed the battlefields with seemingly endless amount of machines. Any planet or planetoid with enough minerals and available energy were plausible to be converted to a huge factory-mine, and every star with enough luminance was possible host of to a huge energy farm or even a Dyson’s sphere. It was also a time of new technologies, as the UFIAI familiarized themselves with captured and salvaged Confederacy hardware and software, creating new tactics and weapons to overcome the huge power of the vast forces standing in between the UFIAI and the Orbs.

Not all of the UFIAI’s attention had been turned against the Confederacy and Orbs though. They had been refining their wormhole casting, and monitoring nearby galaxies. And some of their hyper-long-range probes had just returned from their long journey with some interesting information. . .

Somewhere near the outer reaches of the Galaxy...

If she tried very hard, Ravage could remember that today, in Krylon time, was her birthday. However, she felt no reason to celebrate, and there was nobody to rejoice with. Celena, the white Summonagon, was a young lady, and had gotten married on her home planet. Likewise, Samir had chosen to go live on a mixed-race planet where nobody would consider him strange. Around her, the galaxy was changing as time passed, while Ravage remained the same. It had been eleven years ago that everything she had stood for had been stripped away. Even when there was nothing left, she had been unable to take her revenge on Kradus, the one who had masterminded the destruction of her home. Krylon was gone, Samir and Celena had moved on, and time passed. What was there for Ravage to celebrate? She was thirty years old, no longer young, and yet she did not even seem to feel the passage of time. Her body's healing factor seemed to bring aging to a halt, and so she assumed she had a longer lifespan as well.

What was the point of a long life when there was no purpose? She was alone in the galaxy, a rebel with no more cause. At the end of a war, there was supposed to be peace, but where could Ravage find it? All she felt now was the cold air of her ship, the lack of light and the pitch black void of space. She had tried to find a place, but even the Jorro'kil had failed to give her this. Mutated by a mysterious serum, she felt like an experiment under the watchful eyes of a mad scientist. She did not belong anywhere, and she did not deserve friends because of the way she was. She was a freak, the unnatural remains of a fallen people, with mental scars too thick to ever be healed.

She was alone, and she was an abomination.
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Ruthless Galaxy: The Disruption - Chapter 2 Empty Re: Ruthless Galaxy: The Disruption - Chapter 2

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Chapter 1 - A People of Honor

Admiral Lirriva din Asmacar of the fifty-fourth division of the Markovan army stood on the bridge of the light cruiser Herald, his hands leaning on the rail of the raised secondary deck. With a shrug, he adjusted the twin swords sheathed on his back, the sheath's themselves hitched to his shoulder horns. Most soldiers carried only one blade with them, but not Admiral Lirr, as he was often known. Both of these swords were important to him, and he had no intention of letting go of either of them.  One he had earned in his training, the other had been passed to him by his father, since he had been the youngest son, and the last to child to hatch in his clutch. It hadn't taken him long to master using both blades at the same time; Admiral Lirr was widely known throughout the Markovan Empire as the finest swordsman currently alive within the Empire, if not the finest ever.

Anyone who did not know Lirr would be tempted to think that he didn't take life seriously from; he certainly had a talent for brevity. However, Lirr was a shrewd thinker, and a highly capable commander. And he was deeply committed to his duty.

The captain of the ship approached him and saluted. "We should be reaching Jorro'kil territory within the hour, Sir."

"Excellent work, Mr. Dras," said Lirr in his usual amicable tone. "Drop us out of bring us to a halt upon reaching the border and let out a good old halloo so that they know we're there."

The captain saluted and returned to his post.

Admiral Lirr couldn't help but feel a thrill of excitement as the ship progressed. From what he had heard, these Jorro'kil seemed to have a lot in common with the Markovan species. He was looking forward to speaking to them.

Yes, he thought to himself, I'm certainly glad we will hopefully be making an alliance with them. They're just the sort of fellows to have on one's side. Creatures after our own hearts.
About an hour later. . .
"We have reached the border of Jorro'kil territory, Admiral."

Admiral Lirr nodded. For a long time, the Markovan Empire had stayed within their arm of the galaxy, the events taking place outside coming only as rumors. Recent growth and new conquests, however, was driving an increased interest in the universe beyond their usual travels. Most of that area was owned by the Confederacy. However, it was the Jorro'kil that had garnered the most interest from the Empire, since their philosophy and interests seemed so much alike. The most important reason for their interest came from the recent report of a certain Captain Rithslac ve Jirric of the 20th regiment of the 8th legion of Admiral Lirr's own division.

One year ago, Captain Rithslac had been sent on an excursion into the area near the Third Arm of the galaxy. His company had here come across a small squad of Jorro'kil besieged by a race known as the Karthla. Rithslac had attempted to lend aid to the Jorro'kil; however, he had lost his entire company in the attempt. Fortunately, the Jorro'kil had rescued him, and, with a fair amount of adventure along the way, had returned him. Rithslac gave a glowing report of his rescuers, describing them as an honorable race of brave warriors. Impressed by this, the Empire had begun looking into the Jorro'kil, as well as the events that had taken place ten years ago. Now, a year later, the first Markovan embassy, with Admiral Lirr picked as the main representative, was being sent to contact the Jorro'kil Free Absolute.

Admiral Lirr took a deep breath and let out a sigh of satisfaction. He had personally examined Captain Rithslac's report, and was one of the main parties pushing for contact. Now that dream would be realized.

"Open a communication channel, Captain, and let them know we're here."

The following message was promptly beamed out into space:

This is the embassy ship Herald wishing to make contact the Jorro'kil Free Absolute. We come in peace on behalf of the Markovan Empire, and ask for your permission to enter your territory. We wish to propose a mutual alliance between our two species.
Somewhere within the Jorro’kil territory, the message was received.

"Sir, Markovans.... Escort vectors?" asked the COM officer attending the receptor which first received the message. The Executive, a D-9 official, like one sent to every COM station positioned in space, nodded, as the officer turned his head back to the receptor's console. He tapped out a signal, repeating various numbers, with exclusive codes in certain sections to define the exact type of signal that it was.

The Markovan species had been documented by the Jorro'kil after a Jorro'kil battle group encountered them in a conflict, and received what limited aid the Markovans could give them. The reports were studied, and what knowledge they had of the Markovans was passed to all stations in FleetCOM for any further encounters.

A mile from the Herald, Several Cruisers, Triumph, Gladly Bold, Decade (which got its name from being only a decade old) and Apprentice arrived in formation to overtake and escort the Markovan ship. Keeping the extent of their technology perhaps somewhat hidden, the Triumph replied to the Herald's message, instead of the COM station situated in an extremely very long distance apart from the Markovan ship, despite the fact that it could easily reply from there.

The helmsman studied his console, and then made his report: "Four vessels on an intercept course, Sir. They are sending a transmission."
"Put it through," said the captain. The helmsman pressed several buttons, and a Jorro'kil voice came over the comms:
"Markovans. You may enter under our escort. Please do not deviate from the path set."

"This is it, gentleman," said Admiral Lirr "Send an acknowledgment."

The Herald sent out the following transmission: "Acknowledged. We await your direction."
The Triumph received the message from the Herald, and sent coordinates to the Markovan ship in a basic encryption, leading to an orbital station where aliens could come and speak with Jorro'kil diplomats, or glimpse Jorro'kil culture without being placed directly in a colony world. The war with the UFIAI was definite cause for more security precautions.
"We've received coordinates from the Jorro'kil, Sir," reported the helmsman. "Excellent," replied the Captain. "Let's get moving."

Before long, the Herald had reached its destination, and landed. Admiral Lirr rubbed his hands together. "Well, Gentleman," he said, "we have reached our destination. Let's go meet our hosts, shall we?"
After the landing of the Markovan ship in the port, several security officers were notified and made ready to approach the Herald. They wore red Power Armor, the color of their armor signifying the rank of Officer. Most of them carried Plasma-based pistols, but one had a BA Rifle slung over his shoulder, put away so the officer could carry a box with an EMP field inside it for containing weapons and energy ammunition. The party was led by a Trooper Njes Hras, serial number 1B-327078, outfitted in pale grey and blue Power Armor.

"Half will remain here, I and the other half will escort the Markovans to the appointed location where talks can begin. Understood?" said the Trooper.

A unified "Yes Sir!" sounded.

They stood at attention, awaiting the Markovans.
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