A Day Out with the Cast of Ruthless Galaxy

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A Day Out with the Cast of Ruthless Galaxy Empty A Day Out with the Cast of Ruthless Galaxy

Post by Whos on Fri Feb 13, 2015 6:50 pm

It was a warm, sunny day on the snow caps of the Krathunian homeworld of Sethega. So perfect was the weather that millions below the snow caps were eradicated in a flood. But hey, on the bright side, a nearby hillock was freed from the embrace of ice, and became the perfect spot for... what's this? A picnic of all the major characters in Ruthless Galaxy.

Yes, they gathered together on top of this hillock. The Krathunians made sure to put out picnic tables and chairs, for the extra guests anti-grav picnic tables and chairs were set up above the ones on the ground, or so captain exposition tells me.

Very soon, the Krathunians had laid mountains of various kinds of foods on the picnic tables, and sent out invitations to the Ruthless Picnic, as it came to be known. Not long after this, throngs of characters came to take part in the picnic, and each had their seats. However, just as there is division in war, there is division in picnic. The heroes, characters such as Xej Therus, Lamor Arius, Zjer, K'leires, Unsilenced Retribution, and others all sat together. The supervillains, such characters as Kradus, the original Absolute, Praedromus, Originator Wrenon, and Arch-imperator Primitus, and a few others sat at the antigrav picnic table, epitomizing their superiority complex, and also allowing them to drop food on the heroes. Next to the supervillains sat such characters as Jiiran, Reskullus and Shancar, villains to be sure, but of less power as characters like Kradus and Praedromus.

Next to heroes sat the anti-heroes; Krevozs, Ravage, Survivor, Netheun and Edacious. The rest of the cast was certainly there, but the writer is too lazy to look up their names and list them all.

Once everyone had been properly seated, the lame jokes and memes began to fly. Edacious, reaching across the table with a ripe-looking purple object, asked of Xej, "Would you like some fruit?" At this, the Zealot became enraged, shouted "SHUT UP," jumped out of his seat and leaped over the picnic table, grabbed Edacious and started punching him. Edacious managed to get the Zealot off of him with his tail, and the two fist-fought for the next fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, Kradus picked up a pie and dropped it on Ravage's head, and both he and Wrenon giggled uncontrollably as he did so. Becoming extremely irritated at this Ravage tried to jump up and bat Kradus out of his anti-grav seat. However, Praedromus yawned, and smashed her back to the ground using his gravitation powers.

Meanwhile, Jiiran, in a state of extreme nervousness, began to eat tons of food, almost like a vacuum, disgusting even Shancar. However, Shancar was too distracted by the bloody meat in front of him. Drooling, he chanted in a depraved tone of voice: "Buh-buh-buh-blood... buh-buh-buh-blood...." in response to this Kradus reprimanded him. "Ew no-one likes to see that bro, cut it out."

Xavez K'roneques, who was sitting at the same table as the other villains, stroked the scar on his lower mandible, lifting his beak so all could see. "My scar is so scar-y. Look at it. Look at my scar." Jiiran managed to croak some kind of reply which sounded like; "Oh yeah that's cool ma-AAAUUUGGHHH."

Silus and Vais Treiv, sitting at the end of the villain of tables, did a fist-bump and raced to see who could finish his plate first, whilst simultaneously racing to see who could betray more colleagues. Vais won, but Krevozs launched up from his seat using a jetpack, grabbed Vais by the throat and punched his lights out. Silus laughed derisively, before having to tackle a massive Jiiran who had jumped up on the table and began to randomly shout "BONZAI!"

Abarron, who had been unable to eat, instead sat discoursing with Survivor, and the two immediately hit it off. Subjects such as electromagnetism, thermodynamics, Ravena politics, and other seemly topics were eagerly discussed, and they so agreed in opinion that they decided to write an essay on some other random stuff with absolutely no correlation because why not? HEY, DON'T TELL ME HOW TO WRITE MY FANFIC YOU FACIST NAZI!

*cough* Ahem, ah, back to the story. Ah yes, so it had come to pass that at that point Unsilenced Retribution and Absolute had entered into a staring contest. It lasted for what seemed like ages, until Zjer, grinning wildly, floated up between the two seemingly by magic, and said "This statement is false." The two machines immediately exploded from the paradoxical statement. With this mortality, the picnic was brought to an abrupt end.

Or was it?

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