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Race Entry Template

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Race Entry Template Empty Race Entry Template

Post by Darkel on Sat Jun 21, 2014 5:00 pm

Your Name:

Empire Name:

Species Name:

Homeworld: Enter the name of the homeworld of your people. Describe what it is/was like. If the original homeworld is no longer in use by the empire, describe where and what their current "capital" location is.

Size of Territory in Ravena: Explain the size of your empire and how large it is. (Remember to refer to the standards)

Biology: Any physical features you'd like to point out? Any internal or external characteristics you'd like us to know? (Think of things like DNA, body structure (appearance), abilities, strength capabilities, intelligence, etc.)

Religion: Optional. What religion do your people follow? Describe it.

History: Include the complete history of your race. Be sure to include as much info as possible. We need these little details to get the best image of your race. Be creative!

Government: What kind of government do your people have?

Culture: What do your people like to do in their spare time? What do they like to eat? How do they dress? What kind of places do they like to go to? What's their education systems like? What about their work/labor systems? Any specific social classes? Explain everything please.

Military: Describe your race's military. Flesh it out completely. Tell us about ranks, orders, weaponry, special units, mechanized units, combat strategies, etc.

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